Andrés Iniesta: 'My best moment was my Barça debut'

Andrés Iniesta: 'My best moment was my Barça debut'

In the week of the release of the Rakuten TV documentary 'The Unexpected Hero', we talk to the former Barça midfielder from his home in Japan

Andrés Iniesta is in lockdown in Japan with his family but he hopes to be back to his 'normal routine' soon. This week the new Rakuten TV documentary, 'The Unexpected Hero' comes out and to talk about the release and plenty of other things besides, the former Barça midfielder spoke from his home to the FC Barcelona official Youtube channel. 

Iniesta's day in Japan 

"We are at home following the instructions of the health authorities, hoping we can get back to our normal routine. Meanwhile, we have improvise and take advantage of the family time that we don't always have." 

"We find Kobe to be a quiet city, comfortable and in structure similar to Barcelona and it has welcomed us really well. We obviously miss home but we are happy on and off the field." 

About the documentary 'The unexpected hero'

"It's project that I was very excited about and I took part as much as they allowed me too. I want to thank the team as they did an incredible job. We have worked on it for a long time in a natural way." 

"A lot of people who mean a lot to me take part, people who have been important in my life. It was emotional, and it makes me proud what they say. Some things surprised me, I didn't know them and I love that." 

"In my life there has been all kinds of moment. The documentary reflects that, what I felt at each of those moments. It was not difficult to open up as I did tried to do it naturally. I explain my story, my experience and what I went through." 

Barça and futbol

"I am still in touch with the team. Whatever happens, like now, we talk and tell each other how things are going." 

"I follow as much as I can what is happening at Barça. I try to keep up but I am not there so it's difficult to follow 100%. This season seemed to be a good one. I always see Barça as a different team with a great squad. Let's see if it can get going again and see how they can do." 

"Every season at Bará taught me things. To play there just one season is incredible." 

"Sometimes I think about retirement but if I am honest, I still see it a way off. I feel good physically and mentally. I am happy to be playing and I have the strength to continue." 

"The bets moment as a Barça player was my debut. I could say many things but that day a dream came true, one that I had had since I was 12. From there it all started." 

"Talking about La Masia is not to be taken lightly. At La Masia I learnt to develop, quickly, but I also learnt to be unselfish, modest, work with others and respectful, things I am happy to have learned and I don't want to lose them." 

Força Barça
Força Barça

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