Junior: 'I want to show everyone the kind of player I am'

Junior: 'I want to show everyone the kind of player I am'

The Barça full back talks confinement and settling in after his first six months as a blaugrana to the FC Barcelona Youtube channel

In a live call with the FC Barcelona Official Youtube Channel, Junior Firpo explained how lockdown is going at home with his family and how his first six months as a blaugrana have gone. Some highlight from the interview: 


"Fortunately, my family, my wife and child with whom I live and my family in Málaga and all my friend who live in Seville, they are all ok so on the one hand you just have to thank God that we are all ok.
It's something very different for us to be here confined to the house virtually 24 hours a day. We have to pay attention to what the health authorities say and if we do that then this will all be over quicker."

Day to day

"I usually get up early, well my daughter gets me up, then I do my training in the morning. I spend a bit of time player with her and then we have lunch and rest a bit. In the afternoon I play on the Play Station with my friends on Fifa and other games. After that I play with my daughter a bit more then I watch a film with my wife."


"It's different, you don't have the same space as on the field and football is a team sport so training by yourself is very different to training with your team mates."

"I am in permanent contact with Antonio the fitness coach, every day we speak to him. He passes us what we have to do the following day and for the whole week." 


"Now we try to eat less carbs because when you have a game every three days you eat quite a lot of them. These days, I follow more or less the specific plan that we had before."

"My wife cooks normally, but it is true that being at home so much I try to help out. I made seafood paella, that did not turn out too bad. A bit of baking, a carrot cake. The other day we did some 'torrijas'."

Adapting to Barça

"Any kind of change takes time. It has not been an easy six months for me, I picked up a slight injury when things appeared to be going well.. I was coming to a new club, a new city, a big club with great, great players...I am really looking forward to going back to training and playing and really show what I can do as a player and why I was signed, something I think we have not seen yet."

Team mates

"I get on well with Ansu, Moussa as well but he left in the winter, but I think of the current squad Ansu - we are both young, we have the same likes we have struck up a good relationship on and off the field."

"Arturo surprised me a lot because he is the opposite of what I thought he would be like. He's a guy with tattoos, the mohican, he seems like a warrior, but he's a real top guy."

"I think it is a good relationship with Quique, player to manager, the boss was the first to show confidence in me at the top level and he's still the same person he was at Betis and he treats me in exactly the same way."

"The dressing room is a healthy one, players who have won everything, really great players. They always try to maintain a good atmosphere in the dressing room."

Settling in at Barcelona

"Barcelona as a city I like a lot. I am from Málaga and I think there is a lot of similarities, tourism, the beach, the weather...here in Barcelona, there's more tourists and people keep their distance a bit more and respect the players a bit more."


"I love rice, I love going to restaurants to try them. It will be the first thing I do when lockdown is over!" 

"A film? - Never Back Down - A series? - Money Heist. A city to live in? - Seville. Childhood hero? - Michel Bastos. Another sport? Table tennis - Favourite song? - Tres d'abril by Anuel. Social network? - Instagram." 

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