10 phrases from the Braithwaite interview

10 phrases from the Braithwaite interview

Football, family, Messi, El Clásico... the Dane spoke about a variety of topics with the club's media department

A personal interview with Martin Braithwaite. In an exclusive with the club, Barça's new Danish striker talked about his footballing beginnings, his characteristics as a person, his memories, his family ... as well as the immediate future, El Clásico and more.

Here are the 10 best phrases from the interview:


“It's fantastic. I get up every day and do what I like best. I am very proud and grateful.”

A difficult start

“I was in a wheelchair for two years because of a hip disease. I had to rest, I couldn't force my legs. For a child like me, who played and loved football, it was very difficult.”

Who is Martin Braithwaite?

"I am a simple person; a family man; honest. I always give 100% in everything I do because I don't like complacency. If I commit to something, I always give 100%.”

His family

“I'm glad they're with me. I want to show them that, if their father has succeeded, they can too. There are no limits when we talk about what you can and cannot do. I want them to keep this memory forever.”

Ronaldo, his first idol

“I studied his game, his movements, everything he did on the field was incredible. He was an extraordinary player.”

The match against Madrid

“It will be a magnificent experience. It is the most important game, and everyone follows it. There will be a lot of intensity, and I have a lot to win from playing in this game.”

Memories of El Clásico

“I remember Ronaldinho, who was extraordinary. I remember perfectly the match when he went past many of his opponents, he scored and the whole stadium applauded him.”


“If football were a religion, Messi might be God. He controls the match. He is an extraordinary player.”

Messi y Braithwaite en el debut azulgrana del delantero danés en el Camp Nou ante el Eibar


"He was a legend. If one day I get to meet him, I would like him to advise me. I respect him a lot.”

Being at Barça

“Seeing myself in the mirror with the Barça badge was incredible. Everyone has made me feel welcome and I am very calm.”

Força Barça
Força Barça

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