10 quotes from Quique Setién

10 quotes from Quique Setién

We have picked some of the highlights from the new FC Barcelona coach's interview with Barça TV

Quique Setiénthe new FC Barcelona coach, has marked his arrival at the club with an interview with Barça TV. We select some of the most memorable phrases: 

"The hours following signing the contract have been emotional. I experienced one of the most beautiful days of my life. It all happened so quickly and I am starting to realise what is happening to me." 

"When I was a player it was very frustrating because I saw football in a different way to many of my coaches and I felt there was something missing." 

"When I was a player I used to like to have the ball at my feet, to be involved, in the majority of matches I ended up touching the ball three or four times, I used to just run up and down. That's when you start to realise what it is that you really like and that's what you get across as a coach." 

"I have always felt what I felt playing football in the playground at school when I enjoyed having the ball, not running after it. That's has guided me in my life." 

"I like my team to play well, that's the only way I can go home happy. If we win 1-0 undeservedly, I will be happy with the 3 points but I will go home annoyed because what you need is to feel good and do things properly. If you do it well, you will always have more chance of winning." 

"Messi's involvement in every match is tremendous, unlike any other great player in the history of football, at least that I have seen." 

"Messi is amazingly determined during the game in every game. He is unique and it is impossible that there will be another player like him, he does it all well." 

"My staff have managed to make me better. I highlight them because they have earned it as they have added their knowledge to mine." 

"I have been able to surround myself with important, capable, knowledgeable people. young people who always bring something and infect you with their enthusiasm." 

"We want to see that everything we work on with the players is then translated to action out on the field in matches." 

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