INTERVIEW: Ter Stegen loving 'the time of my life'

INTERVIEW: Ter Stegen loving 'the time of my life'

German goalkeeper dicusses how things are going both on and off the pitch in an exclusive interview with the club media

Marc-André Ter Stegen has made it to 200 appearances for the club. Safe as houses, the German goalie has become a firm fan favourite at Barça, and the feeling is reciprocal. He and his family are in love with Barcelona, and he discusses this and much more in an exclusive interview with the club media.

Greatest moments

“The first game, against APOEL in the Champions League, was very special. I don’t usually get nervous but I did that day. I wanted to play well and convince the fans.”

“Another of my most memorable games was the Champions League Final in Berlin, but also any others when we won trophies. Ultimately, those are the most special moments that a player can have.”

“Making a great save is a wonderful feeling, because goalkeepers live for those moments. If I can produce my best and save the team at any time, then it’s better for everyone.”

Daily routine

“I am lucky enough to talk to Barça goalkeepers coach De la Fuente every day, and we practice for every game together. We look for the right situations to improve and work out what things we need to correct.”

“I know exactly what I’ve done wrong after games. We are all human and sometimes make mistakes, so I try to be open to all criticism as it helps me to get better. Nobody wants to make mistakes, but they are good experiences for the future.”

“As a Barça player, ‘rondos’ and positional games are important. I’m trying to improve and it’s easy to do that here surrounded by so many good players because you have no choice but to adapt.”

200 games

“One of the players who has done me the most harm in La Liga is Aduriz. He’s scored against me quite a lot. I’m glad he’s coming to the end of his amazing career because I won’t have to face him any more, haha! We have one more meeting in the league and I hope he doesn’t score any more goals.”

“I have kept the shirts of my friends, like Reus, Gotze, Dante, etc... They’re memories you keep with you and when I find space, I’ll hang them up.”

“I have changed most in terms of gathered experience, although I’ve also improved in several aspects of my game. I’m very happy to have reached that number, it’s not common. I have changed as a person in that time. Everything around me has matured me and I’m pleased with that.”

Marc-André ter Stegen during the interview
Imatge de Ter Stegen durant l'entrevista

Ter Stegen, off the pitch

“At home I truly disconnect. I try not to talk football with the family. Of course I do sometimes because it’s my job. It’s the same with my wife’s work, whenever we have to talk about things. But we just make comments and that’s all because we try to use the time to do things together, things that really help to disconnect.”

“I love discovering Barcelona. The people are very nice to us and respectful. I like finding places and going back, to little retreats. I really do enjoy getting to know the places around me, and elsewhere in Catalonia too.”

“Personally, I am enjoying the time of my life. My wife is pregnant so things couldn’t be better. We are very happy and well settled into Barcelona. And the football is going well too and I hope things stay that way.”

Barça now

“We are on good track. We struggled a bit at first, and teams are well organised against us, especially when they play at home. But although there is still room for improvement, we are fine. We got off to a good start in the Champions League because it’s not easy to go to Dortmund. We suffered but we came back with a point. With the win against Inter, it’s all in our hands. We have to seize the moment.”

“Neto is a great keeper. He got injured recently, but he’s back with us now. He’s also still adapting. You have to do that because the philosophy here is different. He gets on well with everyone, and is always trying to improve. Like me. It makes you better.”

“Messi is unique. What can I say that hasn’t been said already? He always tries to make the rest of us better too. He is an important part of this club and we enjoy having him here.”

Força Barça
Força Barça

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