YOUTH LEAGUE: FC Barcelona 0-4 Porto

YOUTH LEAGUE: FC Barcelona 0-4 Porto

Defeat at the Estadi Johan Cruyff drops the Catalans from top spot in the group

FC Barcelona have suffered their first defeat in the UEFA Youth League, being soundly defeated this Tuesday by Porto, and despite the bonus of the players that were at the U7 World Cup being back with the team.

Promising start

Dani Rodríguez and Marc Guiu both had excellent chances to score early doors, although the visitors were also threatening, with Yaakobishvili making two fine saves and another effort hitting the crossbar.

Going behind

And after 23 minutes a Jorge Meireles cross was converted by Rodrigo Mora to give the Portuguese side the half-time lead, which could have been cancelled out had Pau Prim been a little more fortunate with a shot of his own.

Dragons bite again

Barça battled hard to rectify the situation, but ended up getting caught at the back when Gonçalo Sousa produced a stunning individual finish, and then Martim Fernandes punced on a loose ball to as good as settle the three points for the visitors.

Porto still hadn't finished. Anhá Candé's solo run and fine finish rubbed salt into the blaugrana wound, and even had Cristobal Muñoz scored rather than hit the bar right at the end, by that stage it wouldn't have made much difference. Porto move into the driving seat and if things stay this way, Barça will need a playoff to win their place in the last 16.


FC Barcelona, 0
Porto, 4

FC Barcelona: Áron Yaakobishvili; Joan Anaya, Pau Cubarsí, Andres Cuenca, Albert Navarro; Pau Prim, Marc Bernal (Oscar Gistau, min. 73), Quim Junyent (Brian Fariñas, min. 58); Nil Calderó (Cristobal Muñoz, min. 73), Marc Guiu (Juan Hernández, min. 45), Dani Rodríguez

Porto: Diogo Fernandes; Martim Fernandes (Bernardo Ferreira, min. 74), Gabriel Brás, Luis Gomes, Dinis Rodrigues; Ussumane Djaló, André Oliveira (Joao Teixeira, min. 84), Rodrigo Mora (Gil Martins, min. 59); Gonçalo Sousa (Alfa Baldé, min. 84), Anhá Candé, Jorge Meireles (Tiago Andrade, min. 74)

Goals: Rodrigo Mora (0-1, min. 23), Gonçalo Sousa (0-2, min. 58), Martim Fernandes (0-3, min. 73), Anhá Candé (0-4, min. 79)

Referees: Roman Jitari, Vlad Lifciu, Alexandru Sajn. Yellows for Jorge Meireles, Rodrigo Mora & Luis Gomes (Porto) and Pau Cubarsí & Andres Cuenca (Barça)

Força Barça
Força Barça

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