UEFA YOUTH LEAGUE: Inter Milan 1-6 FC Barcelona

UEFA YOUTH LEAGUE: Inter Milan 1-6 FC Barcelona

Chadi Riad, Pelayo, Víctor Barberà (x2), Unai and Marc Guiu all on target in a huge win in Italy

Wow! What a performance in game three of the UEFA Youth League. Òscar López's side rolled their way to victory to top the group with 7 points, three more than second placed Inter.

Wearing the grey third strip, it took just five minutes for Chadi Riad to put the Catalans ahead at the Stadio Ernesto Breda, heading in a Unai corner, and on 20 minutes another corner was nodded in, this time by Pelayo.

As if Inter weren't having a hard enough time out there, they then had Stante sent off just before half-time, and the ensuing penalty was converted by Víctor Barberà.

3-0 up going into the second half, and although the Italians gave it their best shot, hitting the crossbar at one point, any remote hope they may still have arboured was lost when Aleix Garrido set up Víctor Barberà for his sixth goal in the competition.

Barça still threatened to score more, and that s exactly what they did. Unai Hernández slotted home number five after 78 minutes, and moments later Marc Guiu chipped in the sixth.

Inter did pull one back when awarded a penalty right at the end, but today was an absolute masterclass from the Barça U19s, who are now looking very well positioned indeed for a place in the knockout stage.

Next up is Inter again, this time at the Estadi Johan Cruyff next Wednesday.


Inter: Calligaris, Martini, Stante, Fontanarosa, Owusu (Zefi, min 34), Andersen (Di Maggio, min 82), Bonavita (Stankovic, min 34), Kamate, Pelamatti, Esposito (Stabile, min 46), Curatolo (Sarr, min 73).

Barça: Astralaga, Héctor Fort, Pelayo, Chadi Riad (Cantero, min 56), Àlex Valle (Biel Vicens, min 64), Aleix Garrido, Gerard Hernández, Unai, Ilias Akhomach (Dani Rodríguez, min 64), Ángel Alarcón (Lamine Yamal, min 79), Víctor Barberà (Marc Guiu, min 79).

Goals: 0-1, Chadi Riad (min 5). 0-2, Pelayo (min 20). 0-3, Víctor Barberà (min 45). 0-4, Víctor Barberà (min 68). 0-5, Unai Hernández (min 78). 0-6, Marc Guiu (min 81). 1-6, Fontanarosa, de penal (min 86).

Referee: Sander Van Der Eijk. Yellows for Owusu, Pelamatti and Stankovic of Inter, and for Àlex Valle, of Barça. Red card for Stante (Inter).

Força Barça
Força Barça

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