FC Bayern 3-2 FC Barcelona: Last day defeat in the Youth League

FC Bayern 3-2 FC Barcelona: Last day defeat in the Youth League

Despite taking an early 2-0 lead, the U19s are end up losing an action-packed game in Bavaria

The Barça U19 has bowed out of the Youth League with another defeat. Òscar López’s side let a 2-0 lead slip and finish the group in third place with four points.

Lively first half

Neither side anything to lose in this game and went all-out on the attack from the start. The Catalans only needed a minute to take the lead, with Víctor Barberà feeding a fine pass to Aleix Garrido who running in to fire home.

Barça continued to dominate and Víctor Barberà added a second goal from a corner when the game was just ten minutes old.

But although Barça looked to have the game well under control, Bayern quickly pulled one back and the momentum suddenly changed. Nemanja Motika then finished off a nice team move to bring the sides level at 2-2 before the interval.

Punished in the second half

The second half was just as gripping. With Stanislau Pedrola especially active, the blaugrana football was sometimes very impressive, but after a number of chances to regain the lead, Motika picked up on an error bringing the ball out of the Barça defence and gave his side a 50th minute lead.

Barberà, Villalba and Pedrola all had chances to at least salvage a point but they’d be leaving the Youth League with another defeat, but having gained extremely valuable experience from the tournament.


FC Bayern: Hulsmann, Janitzek, Arrey -Mbi, Herold (Sanyang M, min 61), Bruckner ( Morrison, min 78), Denk, Sieb, Pavlovic (Metu, min 61), Ibrahimovic (Dibrani, min 46), Copado (Wanner, min 85), Motika. 

FC Barcelona: Aulet, Muñoz, Almeida (Pastoret, min 79), Midon (Gonzalez, min 62), Sola Mateu, Garrido, Aperte (Amengual, min 46), Marin, Stanislau Pedrola, Barberà (Luzzi Rangel, min 62), Ghailan (Ramos, min 46).

Goals: 0-1, Aleix Garrido (min 1); 0-2, Víctor Barberà (min 9); 1-2, Janitzek (min 21); 2-2, Motika (min 41); 3-2, Motika (min 50). 

Força Barça
Força Barça

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