“Compte Barça” (“Barça Account”) Conditions of Use

1. Owner of the domain id.fcbarcelona.com and myaccount.fcbarcelona.com

In compliance with Law 34/2002, of 11 July, of Information Society Services and e-Commerce Services (Serveis de la Societat de la Informació i del Comerç Electrònic, LSSICE), users are informed that the owner of these domains is Futbol Club Barcelona (hereinafter, FC BARCELONA or the CLUB), with registered office at Carrer Arístides Maillol, s/n, 08028 Barcelona, CIF G-08266298, registered with the Registry of Sporting Entities of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia, with No. 2,590, Volume 2, Folio 295.

2. General Conditions of Use

The legal conditions of use contained herein (hereinafter, the “Conditions”) regulate the terms and conditions for the user (the natural person who accepts these Conditions, hereinafter, the “User”) to use the “Barça Account”. The “Barça Account” is available to the general public free of charge and especially for Barça fans.

The “Barça Account” allows you to use a unique identifier to enjoy all of the perks and services offered by FC BARCELONA through a single username and/or password and access to your private area (myaccount.fcbarcelona.com, hereinafter, “Private Area”).

If the User is under fourteen years of age, he/she is not old enough to accept these Terms and Conditions and/or the Privacy Policy. Therefore, his/her parent or legal guardian must accept them on his/her behalf.

In the event that the User is a minor, which is to say under the age of fifteen, the performance of each and every action that may be taken when using the “Barça Account” must be supervised and is understood to be carried out by the person who is the legal representative, and FC BARCELONA is exempted from any liability whatsoever.

In order to create a “Barça Account”, you must have a valid email address, which will serve as your username. In order to verify authenticity and ownership, a one-time password (OTP) will be sent upon account creation to the email address provided, which the User must enter during the registration process.

Likewise, the data required during the registration process will include the User’s name, surname and date of birth.

Some services or applications linked to the “Barça Account” may also require a mobile phone number. In this case, if the User’s profile is not validated, he/she will be asked to do so and will proceed to validate it by means of an SMS message with a one-time password that the User will have to enter during the validation process.

Both the User’s email address and mobile phone number must be unique, i.e. they cannot belong to any other User.

The “Barça Account” operates in a system without passwords, so every time you want to log in, a one-time password (OTP) shall be sent to your previously registered email address.

From the Private Area, the User of legal age will be able link those users who are minors under their parental authority or guardianship to the same “Barça Account”. The minor will not have a “Barça Account”, but will allow the adult User to act in his/her name to link him/her to services offered by FC Barcelona and/or sign him/her up for one or more of the groups that are or may become part of the Barça Environment.

The User is subject to the policies and conditions in force at the time they use their “Barça Account” and the FCB website, except where by law or decision of the competent body the appropriate changes have to be made in this regard. FCB reserves the right to make, at any time, amendments and updates to the conditions of use. When it does so, it will inform the user, who may cancel their “Barça Account” if they do not agree. We therefore recommend that users check the conditions contained in this legal notice.

Likewise, FC BARCELONA will inform the User of any change or important amendment of the legal terms that appear on the CLUB website, as well as these conditions of use, so that he/she can read them and, if applicable, proceed to accept them again.

The User agrees to make diligent use of the “Barça Account”, as it is of a personal and confidential nature, and also agrees not to assign its use to third parties, either temporarily or permanently, nor allow other individuals to access it. The User shall be responsible for the use of the services by any illegal third party who uses the “Barça Account” for this purpose in a non-diligent manner.

The CLUB shall at all times abide by the principles regulated by the personal data protection legislation in force. At all times, it guarantees the appropriate measures to achieve the security and integrity legally established for each type of file. Likewise, the User may at any time access the privacy policy in order to obtain information about the processing of their personal data.

3. Particular Conditions of Use in the “Private Area”

From the “Private Area” the User shall have access to:

  • My Profile: The User will be able to check and edit the information in their “Barça Account”.
  • Specific Group Area: The User will be able to access a particular area of a specific FC Barcelona group (supporter group member, member, etc.), from where he/she can register as a member of that group and carry out all the actions and engage in interactions that are specifically provided for in the privacy policies of the group(s) of which he/she is a member.
  • Managing Minors: The User may sign minors up under their name and manage the minor’s personal data.

4. Provision of the Service

You may view all the information about the provision of the service from the legal department of FC Barcelona, through the link https://www.fcbarcelona.com/en/avis-legal.

5. Information provided to the “Private Area”

If a mistake is made at any point in entering the information published in the “Private Area”, it will be immediately corrected. Likewise, it is possible that the contents of the “Private Area” may, at times, be shown as provisional information.

6. Intellectual and Industrial Property

You may view all the information about intellectual and industrial property in FC Barcelona’s legal notice, using the link https://www.fcbarcelona.com/en/avis-legal.

7. Hyperlinks and/or “links”

You may view all the information about the hyperlinks and/or “links” at FC Barcelona’s legal notice, using the link https://www.fcbarcelona.com/en/avis-legal.

8. Responsibility for hyperlink contents

You may view all the information concerning the responsibility for hyperlink contents and/or “links” at FC Barcelona’s legal notice, using the link https://www.fcbarcelona.com/en/avis-legal

9. FC BARCELONA’s Exemption from Liability

You may view all the information about FC BARCELONA’s exemption from responsibility FC Barcelona’s legal notice, using the link https://www.fcbarcelona.com/en/avis-legal

10. Privacy Policy. Personal Data Protection

The User’s personal data are processed in accordance with FC Barcelona’s Privacy Policy, which can be viewed by using the link https://www.fcbarcelona.com/en/politica-privacitat-compte-barca.

11. Queries, Suggestions, Complaints, or Claims

For any queries, suggestions, complaints, or claims, the User may contact FCB, through current or future communication channels determined at any given time, such as:

  • Telephone: 902 1899 00 (Spain) / + 34 93 496 36 00 (outside of Spain)
  • Email: oab@fcbarcelona.cat
  • Post: Futbol Club Barcelona, Carrer Arístides Maillol, s/n, 08028 Barcelona (Spain).

12. Cookies

You can view all the information about Cookies in the FC Barcelona’s Cookies Policy, using the link https://www.fcbarcelona.com/en/cookies.

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