FC Barcelona to implement 'Quieter hours’

FC Barcelona to implement 'Quieter hours’

Inclusive entertainment initiative in conjunction with Aprenem Autisme and Apropa Cultura set to begin on 4 May for the Barça Immersive Tour and in the Spotify Camp Nou Barça Store

On 25 April, a group of people with autism spectrum condition (ASC) and sensory differences from the organisation Aprenem Autisme went on the Barça Immersive Tour and visited the Spotify Camp Nou Barça Store in order to take part in a 'Quieter hours’ test run before it is implemented for the general public on May 4.

The installations were readied for the occasion after painstaking work involving several Club departments, responding to the initiative from the FC Barcelona Museum and the Diversity, Equality and Inclusivity Department.

The visit was led by FC Barcelona Diversity, Equality and Inclusivity Department director Maite Laporta, FC Barcelona Museum director Jordi Penas, and store representatives. They were joined by staff from Aprenem Autisme and members of the CLEAVAL validation team (autism spectrum condition validators), plus other members of the same organisation, with the aim of examining the spaces developed for cognitive accessibility, while also enjoying the experience that was designed to be more relaxed and neurodivergent-minded.

The test run was also attended by the director of Aprenem Autisme, Susi Cordón, and Marta Romero, a specialist from the same organisation, the director of Asperger Catalunya, Natàlia Radó, and Clàudia Torner from Apropa Cultura, the organisation with which the FC Barcelona Museum has had a collaboration agreement in place for three years.

'Quieter hours', dimmer lighting and less noise

While the 'Quieter hours' initiative is in operation, both the Barça Immersive Tour and the Spotify Camp Nou Barça Store will dim the lights and reduce noise levels, and there will be special signage for people with sensory sensitivity who can enjoy the cups, trophies, items, interactive games, and ultimately, a museum and shopping experience in a neurodiversity-minded setting.

This initiative has both led to a permanent 'Quieter hours' period in the Museum and a store test that is now here to stay and will gradually be rolled out in every Barça Store.

The Museum guides, gate and ticket office staff, and store staff are all part of this adaptation, as they have received training on cognitive accessibility and autism, plus guidelines about how to attend to people's needs and manage the diversity among visitors to FC Barcelona's facilities.

Experience available from 3pm to 5pm on Saturdays

‘Quieter hours’ is set to be implemented on May 4 and every Saturday thereafter from 3pm to 5pm, both during the Barça Immersive Tour and inside the Spotify Camp Nou Barça Store. Matchdays for the men's first team are the only exception, as the best conditions cannot be guaranteed. The Club will later inform about the plan to expand to the other stores and the new Barça museum.

About Apropa Cultura

Apropa Cultura - with whom FC Barcelona has a collaboration agreement - is an inclusive network of cultural promoters, theatres, auditoriums, festivals and museums that works with social organisations to make culture accessible to people who find attending cultural activities difficult, whether due to personal or health circumstances.

About Aprenem Austisme

Aprenem Autisme both accompany and support people with autism and their families, and work to defend their rights. This includes promoting awareness activities among society and designing services and projects adapted to meet this group's needs.


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