BIHUB invests in the company Made of Genes to develop a leading biogenetic study focused on gender

BIHUB invests in the company Made of Genes to develop a leading biogenetic study focused on gender

The goal is to cocreate an AI system to analyse molecular and biomedical variables to help elite sportsmen and women optimise their performance

The Barça Innovation Hub (BIHUB) is taking another step in its program of investing in start-ups, becoming a shareholder in Made of Genes, a leading company in the molecular study of personal health. 

The alliance was presented during the final session of the Sports Tomorrow Congress in the presence of Joan Laporta, president of FC Barcelona. On behalf of Made of Genes, CEO Oscar Flores, vice president of business development, Miquel Bru, and director general, Laura Isús, all took part. 

Made of Genes is a company that uses techniques based on artificial intelligence, data science and system biology to analyse in an integrated fashion different biological markers such as DNA tests and blood analysis to offer people recommendations about health and well-being. Made of Genes is a splinter company from Genomcore, the leading national company in the field of bio-sanitary data for personalised medicine, formed by around 30 health care professionals, biologists and engineers. 

Optimising performance and well being  

The main objective of his new agreement is to help grow the company with the help of BIHUB's resources. Furthermore, work will start on the cocreation of pioneering algorithms based on artificial intelligence to be used by elite sportsmen and women that include, for the first time in the market, a gender perspective covering the specific requirements of sports professionals, as well as those who wise to raise the level of their own sporting preparation. 

The new study, based on the existing Made of Genes ONE, will integrate biomarkers present in a blood same with DNA analysis, as well as other external date from players such as body parameters and date from biosensors already put together by the FC Barcelona Medical Services such as sleep quality, muscular load and injury etc. 

The objective is to give users an intelligent tool controlled by biomedical date que allows them to optimise their sporting performance, personalise their training session and associated periods of rest and predict the risk of injury as well complementing the steps used by the different coaches in relation to, for example, nutrition and emotional welfare. 

Made of Genes, fifth start-up for BIHUB

Made of Genes is the fifth start-up to involve BIHUB after the announcement of similar initiatives with Visualfy, OLIVER, Onalabs and CeleBreak.

Visualfy is a company that works to promote accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing; OLIVER is a solution that makes data management accessible to grassroots sports clubs seeking to boost athletic performance; Onalabs is developing a device for measuring biometric parameters through sweat and CeleBreak is an application that brings together amateur footballers for matches. 

Barça, right at the forefront of innovation

For over a year now, the Barça Innovation Hub (BIHUB) has been successfully exploring a new strategic line to support entrepreneurial talent in the sports sector, which has materialised by becoming a shareholder of several start-ups that offer bold products and value services.

The main objective of these investments is to extend the club’s drive to innovate in an environment where emerging companies are able to adapt high-potential technologies and solutions much faster than large companies can. The club, in exchange, offers its main brand assets, its know-how and access to its athletes and facilities, thus forging new synergies with its stakeholders.

The new portfolio of start-ups that BIHUB is creating has positioned the club at the very forefront of the transformation of sport and has helped put the Barça name at the service of the diversification of the Catalan economic fabric. On a nationwide level, it is allowing Barcelona and Catalonia to develop an added-value economy that promotes local talent and also attracts global ones. 

Statement by Joan Laporta, president of FC Barcelona:

"Barça Innovation Hub becoming a shareholder in Made of Genes strengthens the Club's vision of staying at the forefront of acquiring advanced knowledge applied to the world of sport. The alliance with Made of Genes means a step forward in the sophistication of studies into the genetics of sportsmen and women and the application of artificial intelligence to improve sporting perform with a special focus on women's sport, one of the main current areas of action for FC Barcelona." 

Statement from Òscar Flores, CEO and cofounder of Made of Genes:

“Aside from being a recognised brand around the world, the vision and commitment of FC Barcelona surrounding biomedical research in the world of sport is unique on a global level, as demonstrated by initiatives such as Sports Tomorrow. It is a privilege for Made of Genes to have the commitment of Barça Innovation Hub as a partner in a project that has the potential to establish itself as new standard in the world of sport. We are sure that the privileged access to the bank of data we have thanks to FC Barcelona as well as the network of contact and the Club's influence on an international stage will help us make our idea a reality very soon." 

Força Barça
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