FC Barcelona launches 'Empowerment', the second NFT of the 'Masterpiece' collection, inspired by Alexia Putellas

FC Barcelona launches 'Empowerment', the second NFT of the 'Masterpiece' collection, inspired by Alexia Putellas

The Club has collaborated with 'World of Women' in the creation of the digital artwork that commemorates the exceptional performance of the best player in the world in the Champions League semi-final of the 2021/22 season against Wolfsburg, and it will be exclusively auctioned on OpenSea on June 26th

FC Barcelona continues with the launch of its Masterpiece collection and presents the second NFT of its history, a piece that has Alexia Putellas as the protagonist and pays tribute to a moment that will always be remembered and is already part of the Club's history: the semi-final match of the Women's Champions League against Wolfsburg, on April 22, 2022, where a record of 91,648 spectators witnessed Barça's victory. For the artistic creation of this piece called Empowerment, the Club has collaborated with World of Women, creating a work that symbolizes transformation and a catalyst for progress.

Empowerment is the second NFT in FC Barcelona’s ten-piece Masterpiece collection. The first piece in the collection, In A Way, Immortal by Johan Cruyff, was released in July of 2022, and as it was announced, the remaining pieces will be progressively presented and will feature other iconic moments and characters of FC Barcelona, emphasizing the Club’s legacy and historical heritage. In this sense, the Club embraces technology and innovation to create unforgettable cultural moments and engage millennial, xennial, and Gen-Z fans.

Besides fostering loyalty among the younger audience, one of the project's objectives is to redefine the NFT by creating an experiential premium product. Thus, the content is a true work of art, and the future owner of this new product will enjoy unique benefits and experiences from the Club.

Additionally, a microsite will also be launched where there will be the necessary information and all the details of the Masterpiece featuring Alexia Putellas. An OpenSea auction page will also be activated on June 26th at 4pm CEST and will conclude on June 28th at 4pm CEST.

Women's empowerment in sport

Barça's second Masterpiece NFT, called Empowerment, represents Putellas' exceptional performance in that Champions League semi-final against Wolfsburg, where she scored two goals and continued to advocate for women's empowerment in sport. FC Barcelona is leading this movement, advocating for gender equality and providing equal opportunities for women and girls in sports and society as a whole, highlighting their talent, passion, and determination.

The World of Women artist and author in charge of the creation of the piece is Rhi Madeline, recognized for her ability to combine her advanced traditional fine art skills with the newest technological software to push the limits of human creativity via digital art. This new Barça NFT is a powerful statement, with the best female player in the world as the main protagonist, honoring the contribution of women in soccer. As an artist immersed in the World of Women community, Rhi resonates deeply with these shared values of connection and upliftment that stem from a strong common mission and bond.

During the creation process, a three-dimensional sculpture of Putellas was crafted, enriched with digital painting, special effects, and authentic chants from passionate Barça supporters. The use of gold in the artwork symbolizes Alexia’s outstanding achievements and timeless legacy. By incorporating multiple layers of illuminating light within the crowd, Madeline captures the dynamic and captivating essence of that exhilarating and truly monumental moment.

Experiences for the owner of the NFT

The NFT owner will have access to a range of premium benefits that provide the ultimate Barça experience, particularly focused on the world of women's soccer. Along with being the sole owner of the digital artwork, representing a powerful statement of support for gender equality in sport and the empowerment of female athletes, the NFT’s utility includes a Meet & Greet with Alexia Putellas, offering a personal opportunity to meet the world's best female player, and a pair of signed soccer boots.

The owner of Empowerment will receive a unique item: a physical seat taken from Spotify Camp Nou, emblazoned with a portrait of Putellas by the renowned Catalan artist Oscar Tusquets and signed by the player herself. This physical piece complements the NFT, providing a tangible work of art.

First auction at OpenSea

Empowerment will be offered for sale in a digital auction on OpenSea, the leading marketplace for digital collectibles which offers the best experience and guarantees maximum security, both for buyers and sellers. This will mark the first auction of an NFT by a top-tier football club with a global fan base on OpenSea.

The auction will begin on June 26th at 4pm CEST and run until June 28th at 4pm CEST, lasting a total of 48 hours.

Statements by the player of the FC Barcelona women's first team, Alexia Putellas:

"I’m proud to be part of a club like FC Barcelona, our soccer team and to continue to making history, with this new Masterpiece I have the privilege of being part of and that represents everyone, while also explaining what Barça represents so well."

Statement by Research Director of FC Barcelona, Jordi Mompart:

“April 22, 2022 was one of the greatest days in the history of sport. Spotify Camp Nou broke the world record for attendees in a women's soccer match in the semifinals of the Champions League against Wolfsburg. Our captain, Alexia Putellas, was one of the protagonists of that game and symbolizes the values of FC Barcelona and the empowerment of the woman in the world of sports. The Masterpiece #2 Empowerment honors Alexia and women's sports, one of the Club's priorities. In this way, the Club continues with its clear strategic commitment to adopting technology and innovation to create unforgettable cultural moments and appropriate to the new audiences”.

Statements by World of Women artist, Rhiana Madeline:

“Having the privilege of creating such a meaningful work of art for a community as proud and passionate as Barça has been an incredible honor. The values and spirit that Barça embodies deeply resonate with me and this empowering experience will serve as a lasting source of motivation as I continue my artistic journey.”

Statements by World of Women, Shannon Snow, COO:

“As a brand that champions the strength and resilience of women and diverse populations, World of Women is thrilled to collaborate with FC Barcelona in driving forward our shared mission of empowerment and inclusivity. We have selected an exceptional artist, Rhi, from within our community to create awe-inspiring artwork that captures the essence of women's empowerment in sports. Together, we aim to ignite a global movement that celebrates female athletes, breaks down barriers, and inspires future generations.”

What are NFT's?

NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) are unique digital assets that cannot be modified. Translated to the physical world, the NFT's could be compared to works of art. Of these works there is an original one, and reproductions can be made, but these would no longer have the same value of the originals signed by the artist. This is why they are said to be non-fungible (non-exchangeable) goods, unlike those goods known as fungible goods, which are those that can be exchanged, such as, for example, currency, since any 50-euro bitllet is equal to a 50-euro bitllet. The NFTs work through blockchain technology, and they are assigned a digital certificate of authenticity, which cannot be modified and allows a totally secure certification and traceability.

About World of Women

World of Women (WoW) is an iconic brand behind two celebrated digital art collections: World of Women and World of Women Galaxy. Its expansive ecosystem connects their community members around the globe with opportunities for networking experiences, in-person events, immersive education, and encouraging the development of digital identity in web3 and beyond.

WoW is a champion of shared world-building and new models for IP ownership, making it one of the most dynamic web3 brands at the intersection of art, activism and entertainment. World of Women has achieved art world credibility and mainstream success through brand partnerships with Billboard Magazine, Hasbro, Jazwares, and the support of its many celebrity collectors (such as Reese Witherspoon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Eva Longoria, Huda Kattan, Moj Mahdara, Brie Larson and Sofia Vergara). WoW is represented by Guy Oseary, whose roster includes Madonna, U2 and the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

World of Women is empowering a diverse community, celebrating art & technology, representation, inclusivity and equal opportunities for all.

About OpenSea

OpenSea is the world’s leading peer-to-peer marketplace for NFTs. OpenSea makes minting, purchasing, and selling NFTs frictionless, and offers multi-chain options for creators and collectors of all kinds to own and shape their relationships directly.

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