FC Barcelona backs public transport to get to Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium

FC Barcelona backs public transport to get to Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium

The Club is to offer options such as free shuttle buses given the difficulty of reaching the stadium by car, which have to be left outside the Montjuïc perimeter

FC Barcelona have announced on Tuesday a large part of the issues raised by the move to the Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium next season. Aside from the questions regarding season tickets and related matters, there was also an extensive explanation of the aspects concerned with mobility and the various options available to reach the stadium. 

Survey of preference amongst season ticket holders 

Explaining the issues in the press conference was Jordi Portabella, director of the Club's Sustainability Area, and he made public a survey carried out amongst season ticket holders to find out just "how they though they would make the journey to the Montjuïc area" and "from the perimeter of the hill to the stadium." 

The survey reveals that "rather similar results to now at Spotify Camp Nou", given that 24.6% expressed a preference for getting to Montjuïc by car, an option that is the "minority majority" according to Portabella, as it is the most voted for option albeit with it being surpassed by adding together the options for public transport. 

Free and numerous shuttle buses

Once at Montjuïc, fans will need to get to the site of the Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium, which is not possible by car as they must be left in designated areas such as the 'Fira' where there will be some 2,000 spaces available or in other specific areas. 

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In contrast,  the Club will make available to those attending the game a series of shuttle buses to take them to the stadium. These buses will be divided into convoys of three every four minutes, which will allow them to "make a continuous circuit and maximise journeys," said Portabella, adding that the same system would be used for leaving the stadium after the game. 

Backing for public transport

Also mentioned was the possibility of getting there on foot, using the funicular railway or the mechanical escalators which "we will be reversible so they can go up before the game and down afterwards. It's the system with the greatest capacity of all," added the director of Sustainability Area. 

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Portbella went on to add "we have made a commitment to strengthening public transport. Car use will be a lot more restricted even though it will still exist." In general terms, he summed it up with two recommendations: the first of which was to "leave home earlier" and the second "to use public transport as a sustainable option." On the first he added: "The Club's idea is that fans can enjoy more than just the 90 minutes of the game. We want people to be there longer; for that reason we have announced that there will be a fan zone on each match day." 

Economic impact for the city 

To round off, Portabella detailed the costs involved, which rise to €5,899,100, of which the Club will contribute more than 50%, up to €3,321,000. Of that money, €1,454,000 will go to maintaining the services and the rest, €1,867,100, is an investment which is "a contribution that the Club will make to the city." 

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