Elena Fort: 'Limak guarantees seasonal deadlines and the established price'

Elena Fort: 'Limak guarantees seasonal deadlines and the established price'

FC Barcelona vice.president explains that the Turkish company will "guarantee seasonal deadlines and a financeable contract" for the construction of the new Spotify Camp Nou

Elena Fort, first vice-president of FC Barcelona, and Laura Mas, lawyer and member of the Compliance team, gave a press conference after the Board of Directors agreed that the Turkish company Limak Construction will be in charge of the Spotify Camp Nou restructuring work. Fort emphasized that the Turkish company is "a world leading construction company that will guarantee the best price in the shortest time".

"The members of the Board of Directors who attended the meeting unanimously approved the company to carry out the remodelling work on Spotify Camp Nou. Jordi Llauradó expressed his desire not to vote due to personal ethics and his knowledge of the construction market and delegated his vote to the FC Barcelona President."


Fort also emphasized the importance of meeting FC Barcelona's goals, and Limak Construction can guarantee this: "We want the Spotify Camp Nou to be built in the shortest possible time at the best price; two things that this company can do."
The vice-president recalled the club's seasonal deadlines, which the constructor has guaranteed, saying that "work will begin in June 2023 and we will return to the Spotify Camp Nou before the 125th anniversary (29 November 2024). We want the finished job to be delivered before June 2026 ... The speed of the construction guarantees the least economic damage." 
The second requirement is for the Turkish company to fulfil the "financeable contract". She explained what this means by saying, “this contract will go out on the financial markets. So, the market has to finance us. In other words, it must have a guaranteed maximum price. Limak Construction has guaranteed this. That is to say, a maximum price that can never be exceeded, but which can be lowered. It also provides sufficient guarantees of solvency in meeting deadlines and control of contingencies." 
In short, Fort remarked that "Limak Construction, the company that built the best airport in the world, that of Istanbul, is a bid that technically guarantees we will stick to our deadlines and guarantees that it can be financed in these markets." 

Laura Mas explains Spotify Camp Nou tender procedure

Laura Mas, from the Compliance team, described the process behind the tender for the construction of the Spotify Camp Nou.

She stated that "beyond the control and monitoring functions that the Compliance area has with regard to this project, the Board of Directors also requested the creation of this monitoring and transparency committee to oversee and audit all projects related to Espai Barça. This body, in addition to the Compliance part, is formed by the club's internal audit department and an external company, namely the the consultancy firm Fieldfisher." 


Mas also stressed the transparency in all five phases of this procedure, and noted the importance of Goldman Sachs, which participated in the evaluation of the different companies that presented bids for the Spotify Camp Nou project.

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