End to Camp Nou season ticket exemption period and return of Seient Lliure

End to Camp Nou season ticket exemption period and return of Seient Lliure

In order to encourage attendance by season ticket holders and non-holders at Camp Nou and guarantee proper use, a series of measures are to be introduced for the 2022/23 season

The Board of Directors, meeting in ordinary session at the Camp Nou, has made the following agreements:

End of season ticket exemptions and recovery of the Seient Lliure

Now that the the capacity restrictions due to the effects of Covid-19 have been eliminated, it has been decided:

- Put an end to the exemption periods for Camp Nou season tickets, a measure promoted over the last two seasons to deal with the uncertainties arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, with restricted and limited capacity. Thus, on July 14, the payment and delivery of Camp Nou season tickets is scheduled as normal.

- Recover the use of the Seient Lliure service, where a maximum of 95% of the price of the season ticket can be charged, the basis of calculation ceasing to be the average price of the seats sold in each zone to become instead the proportional part of the overall total income generated by the club from the sale of seats in each zone. Tickets released 10 days or more in advance will have guaranteed payment, those made with less than 10 days will only be paid in cases where tickets are sold.

With the aim of encouraging the season ticket holders to attend games at the Camp Nou, to guarantee the proper use of season tickets, to promote attendance by other members, and to combat fraud, the Board of Directors has approved the following measures, which will apply from the start of the 2022/23 season:

1) New members census
2) Update of the conditions of use of the Camp Nou and Palau season tickets
3) Voluntary term of the new Digital Season Ticket
4) New criteria for season ticket name changes
5) Better ticket price conditions for members
6) Purchased tickets to be digital and bearing the name of the holder

New members census

The Board of Directors has also approved a new census of members during the 2022/23 season, with the aim of updating and regularising the club's membership.

Update of the conditions of use of the Camp Nou and Palau season tickets

As of July 1, 2022, the conditions of use of the Camp Nou and Palau season tickets will be updated. Members who are season ticket holders at the Camp Nou who attend 85% of the matches will have a series of advantages, including discounts on the price of tickets for companions, on the catering services at the Camp Nou, participation in draws for tickets and shirts etc.

For season ticket holders who do not attend, give up or vacate their seat in 10 games of the season, the club will apply the Inverse Seient Lliure, prior notification, so that the season ticket will be put on sale by default, provided that the member does not claim its use within 72 hours of kick-off of the match in question. The member will only receive the corresponding part of the Seient Lliure in case of sale of the seat.

In the case of season ticket holders who do not attend, transfer or release any game during the 2022/23 season, these will lose their Camp Nou season ticket holder status for the 2023/24 season.

In the case of the Palau, the Inverse Seient Lliure will be applied to season ticket holders who do not attend, give up or release their seat in six games of the season. In the case of season ticket holders who do not attend, transfer or release seats for any match during the 2022/23 season, these will lose their Palau season ticket status for the 2023/24 season.

Voluntary term of the new Digital Season Ticket

With the aim of combating certain malpractices, improving functionalities such as the transfer of use, offering better personalised services and in line with the club's commitment to sustainability and environmental protection, the Digital Camp Nou Season Ticket will be introduced during the 2022/23 season, and a deadline is set for members to voluntarily make use of this new service.

Season ticket holders who so wish may make use of the Digital Season Ticket by downloading it from an application that the club will announce details of shortly. During this season, the traditional season ticket will continue to work, which the club will send by regular mail, but with a difference: the introduction of a magnetic component instead of the classic QR code, which offers new security benefits, and which is already is being used for Palau Blaugrana Season Tickets.

The Digital Season Ticket can be transferred securely to another member, relative or friend via the app, which will guarantee delivery to the new user, control of traceability and recovery of the season ticket.

If the experience is successful, its implementation would be considered from the second half of the Liga season.

New criteria for changing the name of season tickets 

With the aim of continuing to regulate name changes of Camp Nou season tickets, the club is introducing new criteria for changing the names thereof. This will continue to be free up to the second degree of kinship. It will not be necessary to be registered on the waiting list for two years, as has been the case up to now. Persons must have been members for four years, and not five; and only three seasons will have to be paid for in full, instead of the six up to now.

Better ticket price conditions for members

With the aim of promoting attendance by members without a Camp Nou season ticket, it has been agreed that there should be special promotions for this group, reserving lots of seats at popular and fixed prices for members. In addition, pre-sale periods will be extended, from 24 to 48 or 72 hours.

Purchased tickets to be digital and bearing the name of the holder

Purchased tickets, for all competitions, will be digital and nominative, in order to guarantee their traceability and avoid fraud.

Gratitude to members for their participation in the reform of the Statutes 

The Board of Directors wishes to publicly thank the members for their contributions to the participatory process that was put into operation for the reform of the Statutes, which closed with a total of 604 suggestions, ideas or proposals received.

Since last May 16 and throughout the last month, FC Barcelona has opened the possibility to all its members to submit new proposals with a view to the forthcoming reform of the Club Statutes, which is expected to be raised during the next Ordinary General Assembly.

The objective of this process has been to include the opinions and views of the members and to encourage their active participation, collecting ideas, suggestions and proposals in order to agree on a modern, current document with a gender and sustainability perspective, and which is also adapted to new technologies and which updates and improves the postulates by which the club will be governed in the coming years.

Now that all these proposals have been received, the Commission for the Reform of the Statutes, which has been working on the new FC Barcelona Magna Carta for some time, is in charge of assessing all the suggestions received and analysing the feasibility of including them in the same or another form within the articles that will configure the new FC Barcelona Statutes.

This Commission is made up of Vice President Elena Fort; the secretary of the Board, Josep Cubells; by the member of the Disciplinary Commission Ramon Esteve; by the members of the Economic Commission Jaume Guardiola and Jaume Carrasco; and by the members ombudsman, Joan Manuel Trayter.

The proposals received show particularly express interest in the correct use of season tickets and setting measures that imply greater attendance and greater presence of members at matches. Within this framework, the proposals propose new measures and regulations to combat the absenteeism that is currently being experienced at many of the matches that are held at the Camp Nou.

Another aspect that often appears in the proposals received is the representation of members at assemblies, with the aim being for the greatest possible number of members to be able to participate and decide on those aspects related to the club's operations.

Transparency in economic and sponsorship operations, the duration of the mandate of the Board of Directors and the participation of members in different areas of activity and the image of the club are other aspects that have been addressed in proposals and suggestions from the Barça members.

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