Joan Laporta: 'If all goes to plan, we can practically solve the club's finances by June 30'

Joan Laporta: 'If all goes to plan, we can practically solve the club's finances by June 30'

FC Barcelona discusses economic and many other matters, including possible football transfers and two upcoming European finals

FC Barcelona president ​​Joan Laporta has spoken on a variety of topics on the Tot Costa show on Catalunya Ràdio, saying that he would give the team a ‘pass’ for what it has achieved this season, but insisting that there is still a lot to be improved.

This not only means working hard in the transfer market, but also on financial matters, including the possible sale of 49% of shares in Barça Licencing and Merchandising (BLM) and Barça Studios, or 10% of audiovisual rights, with the agreement with CVC.

“If we can activate the two options that we’re proposing by June 30, we will have solved a large part of the club’s economic problems” he said.

He had a lot more to say on top, and here are some of the more important comments:

Review of the season

“Last year, we lost the league. There were improvements this year after Xavi arrived. We won at the Bernabéu with an amazing display, we beat Sevilla and Atlético Madrid... If big players hadn’t got injured we could have fought for the league title because we were playing so well.”

“We were in a very tight financial situation and that is the priority now. We have clearly worked very hard this year. If we can sort out the club’s finances before June 30, and I think we will, then we will be able to undertake all the operations we have planned.”


"We are still suffering from Covid, which caused a major drop in revenue. However, a lot of sponsorship deals have been signed. The club is coming more and more back to life. A lot of brands and investors are interested.”

“As for asset sales, we have to find partners to help us improve these businesses. We need to bring in money but we cannot afford to lose our hold on their management. Six parties are interested in Barça Studios. Hopefully this can be sorted before June 30.”

“The operation with CVC guarantees financial fair play. But there are other financial options that we can leverage that in combination will enable to us to go ahead with the operations that we have planned. We are negotiating in various areas.”

The football squad

“We will do all we can to aspire for the highest targets. We are Barça, so we have to aim to win everything.”

“We’ll do what’s best for the club. If we can leverage the financial options that we are looking at, no player will have to leave for financial reasons. But Xavi and Mateu Alemany govern footballing matters and they are the ones who have the final say in that department.”

“I think Dembélé wants to stay but he is being tempted by other options. However, we have a great relationship and he’s very happy here. His agents control the situation but I hope he ends up staying. If he doesn’t it doesn’t matter, we can sign somebody else for his position.”

Dani Alves has done what he had to. Now the sports department will sit down with him and decide. To have had him under the circumstances and conditions, and with his attitude, has been fantastic.”

Two European finals

“Our women’s football team have had another extraordinary season. They are the best. Luckily we have a real chance of winning the final. We have never beaten Olympique Lyon and it’ll be a great final. I have my faith in them.”

“Basketball will be harder. We have a very difficult semi-final against Real Madrid. And then there’s the final after. With our budget, it’s our obligation to be in contention for the EuroLeague and we’re in that situation now. We clearly have a fabulous team, but it is also a very difficult challenge ahead of us.”

Força Barça
Força Barça

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