More than 17,000 kg of food collected by FC Barcelona Foundation and Red Cross for Ukrainian refugees

More than 17,000 kg of food collected by FC Barcelona Foundation and Red Cross for Ukrainian refugees

The charity campaign has produced a wonderful response from members and supporters

The Barça family has once again displayed its caring side by donating more than 17,000 kg of food to Ukrainian children over the four days of collection at marquees positioned around the Camp Nou.

From the outset, FC Barcelona was keen to find the most effective way to do something the help Ukrainian refugees.

The campaign run by the FC Barcelona Foundation in association with the Red Cross started on March 28 and ended after the game with Sevilla on Sunday. Volunteers and workers from the aforesaid organisations were joined by others from La Masía and the Barça Players Group to collect food items from fans coming to watch the games.

Financial donations can still be made via the channels set up by the Red Cross: 

  • Bizum: to 03282
  • Web:
  • Freephone: 900 104 971
  • Bank accounts:
    Banco Santander: ES58 0049 1806 9022 1208 3714
    La Caixa: ES47 2100 5000 5102 0006 8140

Sports and social programmes

The activities will be continuing over the next few days with social, educational and sporting events for Ukrainian children being hosted in Catalan homes.

The Barça Foundation has extensive experience of projects likes these and will be drawing on volunteers to run activities to foster emotional wellbeing and encourage physical activity and sport among these youngsters in times of such stress. They will also receive language support with Spanish and Catalan to help them to integrate better into their new local communities.


The FC Barcelona Foundation and Red Cross would like to express their gratitude to the club employees, the children from La Masía; representatives of the Barça Academy; of the Futsal section; the ice hockey and especially its technical director Ukrainian Danilo Didkovski and FC Barcelona’s Ukrainian handball player, Andrei Xepkin; numerous Penyes, staff and volunteers from the Barça Players Group, FC Barcelona board members, sponsors, partners and suppliers who have offered their services for free (Advertising, Focus, Event, Marquees).

Statement by Marta Segú

“We are very pleased with the magnificent response to the call by the club and foundation to support the Catalan families who are arriving in Catalonia. As on previous occasions, the Barça family has shown its solidarity by donating food to the children suffering from this serious humanitarian crisis. As we explained a few days ago, we shall continue working to support these families in the short and medium term but setting up a number of sporting, social and educational activities aimed at these children and with the help of Foundation volunteers, together with club employees and other people who are interested in helping out.”

Força Barça
Força Barça

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