Joan Laporta: 'Xavi has changed the mentality of the team'

Joan Laporta: 'Xavi has changed the mentality of the team'

The FC Barcelona president looks back at his first year in the job in an exclusive interview with the Club's media

Monday 7 March marks one year since Joan Laporta's victory in the FC Barcelona presidential elections. To look back over the last 12 months the Club President took part in an exclusive interview with Barça TV+. 


Laporta spoke of the Club's on field situation and the improvement of the team under coach Xavi Hernández, the success of women's football and the growing projects in the professional sections. Also, the president analysed the financial situation at FC Barcelona which is gradually improving. 

The improvement of the first team 

“Xavi is responding in style to the opportunity given to him by the Club. I am sure he will bring us happiness for years to come." 

“Xavi has changed the team's mentality. We can see that there is a future and in the present he can give us joy in the Europa League and why not in the league, it's difficult but we are fighting." 

"We are building a new era that I hope will be splendid. We are doing it with young players, home grown, who are here now but have an even better future. That's the ambition, to have a group who play well and win trophies. The culers, we have hope." 


Reinforcements in the summer 

"The ability to carry out important deals in the market in the summer depends on the decisions we take in the next two months. If we can carry out some of the operations that we have been working on all year, then yes we will be able to. They are decisions we have to take to comply with the strategic plan and reach our objectives." 

"The squad has to be balanced. There is a limit and if we bring players in then some will have to leave - we will have to balance things up and right now we are very happy with how the squad is, more and more competitive." 

"We are working towards improving the team. We have to move a level to compete with the best but we can be satisfied because we want to see football and the next game." 

Commitment to women's football 

“We can only ask that they maintain this level and they continue to be as natural and authentic as they have been." 

“From the Club we are trying to do all we can to maintain our commitment to women's football." 

“This Sunday we could be league champions against Real Madrid and at the end of the month we can make history, filling Camp Nou for the Clàsico in the Champions League." 

"If we get to the semi-finals of the Champions League then we are also thinking of playing at Camp Nou." 

Organisational structure 

"With the departure of the CEO Ferran Reverter, I have become more of an executive, together with the treasurer. We have a more wide ranging structure. There will be an executive committee that will be on Mondays and each month there will be a management committee. It's the time to work and grit our teeth to reach our objectives." 

“Barça always has to belong to its members. It's a tradition we have to maintain. In fact, many sponsors place great value on it." 

"No, I have not considered changing the ownership model. I can live with whoever has a different way of thinking but we have to be strong economically and manage things well to combat the 'state' clubs." 

Espai Barça

“It is all ready so that in April the City Council grant us the final licence; in July the bidding for the construction for the stadium and in September we will take the decision on whether the work would start when the season finishes." 

"The most logical option would be to go and play at Montjuïc as the other options are difficult. If not, we would have to stay here and put off the opening." 

"It will be spectacular, the new stadium will be an architectural jewel and it will bring a lot of resources and activity. It will give Barcelona another area of leisure, not just sporting, being able to spend the whole at facilities open to the city." 


Support for Ukraine 

“We are watching and worrying anxiously at what people are suffering. Each day we get up to tough news: bombing, people fleeing..." 

"As Barça we are trying to help. We have an agreement with the Red Cross for the refugees who come to Barcelona." 

“A lot of members are asking how they can hep and we are thinking about a collection of basic provisions at Camp Nou via the Red Cross." 

Força Barça
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