Barçaland, the ultimate Barça Christmas experience

Barçaland, the ultimate Barça Christmas experience

FC Barcelona's installations will be resplendent with sport and leisure activities to celebrate the festive period with a range of outdoor options, all in line with health recommendations to ensure a safe environment for both young and old

December 24 to January 9 sees another edition of the FC Barcelona festive experience, Barçaland. Building on the success of the last edition held prior to the pandemic, the Camp Nou forecourt, the Barça Rambla and other installations will be full of sports and leisure activities to enjoy as a family for the ultimate Barça Christmas experience. all activities will be autdoor, and all of them will be held in line with health recommendations to ensure a safe environment for both young and old. Besides, all of them will need to wear a face mask in order to take part in any of the activities planned. 

This year's celebration forms part of the different events organised to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Palau Blaugrana, half a century of magic and emotions experienced by Barca fans through the professional sports teams. 

Both sports and leisure activities available

Sports and its values are driving forces behind Barça's DNA. The installations around Camp Nou will become the stage for a wide variety of sports activities during the period. Children-orientated, they will enable them to feel what it is like to play the club's different sports (basketball, handball, roller hockey and futsal) in suitably prepared spaces.

Key events include 3X3 basketball and futsal fields . Both sports will be accompanied with specific special handball and roller hockey activities. Visitors will be able to measure their shot power and emulate their handball idols with an authentic handball meter and test their dribbling with hockey sticks around a skills circuit. To complete the magical Palau experience and designed specifically for the occasion, the Play Palau space will give fans the possibility of trying the four sports played in the venue in the form of free throws.

Furthermore, displaying Futsal first-team player technique and skills will be very easy with Futtoc CaixaBank, a space destined for learning how to head a ball with the new Barçaland game created in conjunction with CaixaBank.

The festive spirit will come through different shows and workshops and can be felt by everyone who comes along to enjoy the range of activities. A giant Barça tió, letters for Santa Claus and royal pages are simply a must. There will also be spaces for handicrafts, music shows, acrobatic shows, exhibitions of the best football tricks, Christmas carols, a photocall to have your photo taken with the trophies won by the different Barça teams, and much more.

An improved experience

To enjoy a complete celebration, the Barçaland Pass offers a package with major benefits. It includes entry to the Barça Museum, a special menu with different options both for adults and young, discounts to FC Barcelona establishments, and special offers to enjoy the Club's professional sports.

The Canaletes Barça Store also joins the party

The Barça stores also join the party. To engender the Christmas mood, the Canaletes Barça Store will invite all Barça fans and visitors to enjoy unique activities and special promotions. These include an enormous tió who will join in the celebrations, giving young and old the chance to enjoy this tradition with a 100% Barça twist. Every purchase in the store will give children the chance to make the tió poop out their gift.

Matches in the Palau mid-festivities

Marking the Barçaland event and the anniversary of Palau Blaugrana, the Club's teams will play games at the venue to thrill their fans. Tuesday, December 28 will see the start of a series of matches as part of the festivities. Saras' basketball team will face Morabanc Andorra and will be looking to add another Liga Endesa victory. The following day, Wednesday December 29, it will be the turn of futsal in match that will see Barça take on Ribera Navarra, with Jesús Velasco's team striving to remain in first place. Then in the first week of 2022, there will be a top class roller hockey match with the team facing Parlem Calafell. Lastly, the basketball team will play against Baxi Manresa at Palau Blaugrana and coinciding with the closing of the Barçaland festivities, on January 9, the team will return to the court for a passionate encounter against Joventut de Badalona.



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