Vital to remember or generate personal PIN to be able to vote in the referendum

Vital to remember or generate personal PIN to be able to vote in the referendum

Those members who do not know their current personal code can create a new one on the Club's website at online procedures

Given that the referendum on the Espai Barça Financing is to take place with online voting, it is necessary for all members to carry out a prior check of their personal details at the Club. 

It is of vital important that the details held by the Club are those used currently by the members to able to guarantee the success of the security measure for voting. 

Access with personal PIN code

To check and update details it is necessary to have the Member Key (on member card) and personal PIN code. 

The code is not published anywhere, each member must remember their own. If members do not know their code it is a simple task to get a new one via the online procedures page on the website. 

  • What is the personal PIN code?

It is a numerical figure for gaining access to each member's personal details. The code is not published anywhere for reasons of confidentiality and members must remember it to access their own personal area. 

  • How can you get a new code if I can't remember it?

At the same page of online procedures there is the chance to create a new personal code. If you choose this option then a form is available which requires your Key, ID and e-mail address registered with the Club. (If the e-mail address is not the one the Club has registered, you will receive an error message). 

  • Can I choose the code?

Yes. Once the form has been sent, the members will receive an e-mail with a link to a final form in which they must add their date of birth and the four digit number that will be their new Personal PIN code which they must enter twice. 

From then on they can use the Personal PIN code they have entered. 

Checking and updating details

With the key and personal code members can access their personal details and check if they need to update the to take part in the referendum on 19 December. 

  • Key (on member card)
  • Personal PIN code
  • Mobile telephone number
  • E-mail
  • Date of birth
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