How do you go about voting electronically?

How do you go about voting electronically?

Members will have to vote via the FC Barcelona from any device and there will be points to help those vote who need it; it is vital for the Club has up to date personal information

In order exercise their right to vote it is vitally important for members to have verified and/or updated their personal details on the Club's database as these details will be needed to be able to vote electronically. The electoral census will close on 7 December and those members who do not have the necessary details will not be able to exercise their right to vote. 

Members registered in the electoral census will have to go into the Club's website between 9am CET and 9pm CET on 19 December identifying themselves with their members' key and personal code (PIN) and their date of birth. Once identified, the member will receive an SMS with a unique code on their mobile phone that will give them access to voting. 

In the event that the members travel to the Club's facilities to exercise their right to vote, they will have to prove their identity with their identity document or equivalent for member from outside the country, valid passport or driving licence. Once identified, the voting process will be electronic in the same secure conditions than if it had taken place from any private device away from the Club's facilities. 

On Wednesday 1 December FC Barcelona will call a press conference to explain all the details surrounding the financing, the subject of the referendum and the electronic voting process, with appearances from president Joan Laporta and Club CEO, Ferran Reverter. 

How to vote on 19 December?

The electronic voting process contains a series of authentication methods to prevent members voting with an identity other than their own, duplicating votes, and also the secrecy of the vote. Electronic voting is done simply by following the steps that are provided to guarantee identity security for members and the authentication of personal details, which are essential for voting. 

General method 

The majority of member will have to opt for the general method and enter the electronic voting platform set up on the Club's website from any type of device. 

Then, there will three steps to authenticate personal information: 

o   Member key
o   Personal code (PIN)
o   Date of birth

· A six digit figure will be sent via SMS to the member's mobile phone. 

· The six digit number will have to be introduced. Then a screen will appear with three voting options (YES, NO, BLANK) 

· Once the vote has been cast, a confirmation slip can be downloaded or a check made to see if the vote has been counted correctly. 

Assisted method 

Those who are unfamiliar with the electronic voting system or do not have the device necessary can come to the Auditori 1899 where identification and assisted electronic voting points will be set up. 

· At the identification point, ID check is carried out with DNI and a code is given out. 

· Then, the member proceeds to the voting point where the code is requested  and that is when they can vote. 

The member will be able to confirm their vote on the following screen (YES, NO, BLANK)  and download a confirmation slip. 

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