Àlex Roca, new ambassador of the FC Barcelona Foundation

Àlex Roca, new ambassador of the FC Barcelona Foundation

President Joan Laporta and managing director Marta Segú presented the athlete at an event attended by the Foundation's trustees and members of the Board of Directors

President Joan Laporta and Dr. Marta Segú, the managing director of the FC Barcelona Foundation, have presented the athlete, Àlex Roca, as a new ambassador for the FC Barcelona Foundation. The event was held in the Camp Nou Box and attended by the Foundation's trustees and the Club's Board of Directors.

As a Foundation ambassador, he will represent the institution across different areas, as well as at the Foundation's own events. He will also lead Foundation projects involved with improving the lives of vulnerable children both in Spain and abroad. Àlex will also support the Foundation's awareness strategy regarding all forms of diversity, and his personal story of overcoming adversity will be an example for the inclusivity for which the Foundation has been striving for over 10 years.

During his speech, FC Barcelona and Foundation president, Joan Laporta, highlighted that “the More than a Club slogan is even clearer and stronger with people like Álex. The blaugrana family need his desire and optimism. We are an inclusive club and we need people like Àlex to further our commitment to people and society”.

The FC Barcelona Foundation managing director, Dr. Marta Segú, went into details regarding Àlex Roca's role as an ambassador, and stated that the Foundation “wants to highlight the importance of the need to build a future with a new fairer, more inclusive, social construct with more ways to be involved, with examples like Àlex very important”.

She also highlighted the importance of the Àlex-Mari Carme partnership, given their complicity and strength to surmount every obstacle, working as a team to achieve what many thought was impossible.

She went on to add that "we call for the opportunity to build this new society together based on a social integration approach, enabling everyone to participate".

Motivational talks

As well as having the honorary role of ambassador, Àlex Roca will collaborate with the Foundation to raise awareness about the importance of diversity among the different groups within FC Barcelona via motivational talks based on his own story. Mari Carme Maza will join him when the activities begin in the coming weeks.

Àlex Roca, a true example of overcoming the odds

Àlex Roca is a thirty-year-old sportsman known for participating in several triathlons and races, including the Titan Desert 2019. He overcame cerebral palsy with 76% physical disability, and two operations, among other complications.

As a sportsman, he doesn't feel limited in any way. He is the very embodiment of strength, values, and a desire to improve himself. This has also helped him to become a successful speaker, communicating via sign language with the help of his partner, Mari Carme Maza, who acts as his interpreter during the countless talks he has given far and wide.

The most serious impairments from the disease affect speech, as well as arm and leg movement. Àlex provides us with a great example of overcoming the odds, however. He was told that he wouldn't be able to study, but he went on to complete intermediate vocational training in administration and advanced vocational training in social integration. He was told that he would experience significant physical problems, but he runs 5 and 10 km races.

During his speech he stated, "Words fail me when it comes to describing how it felt to hear the president talk about my journey. Ever since I was little boy I was told that I wouldn't be able to walk, study, or have a partner. Every doctor told me that I may die or end up in a vegetative state, so when I heard I was being nominated, I heard all those "nos" that have been a soundtrack to my life again. That's why I dedicate such a special moment as this to all those that said no to me - from such a renowned institution as the FC Barcelona Foundation".

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