FC Barcelona statement

FC Barcelona statement

We look back at the matters dealt with by the Board of Directors in their remote meeting on Tuesday

The Board of Directors, who met remotely on Tuesday, dealt with the following matters: 

Congratulations to Barça B

The Board of Directors would like to congratulate Barça B and their coaching staff, led by Francesc Xavier Garcia Pimienta, have had a great season with several players featuring with the first team and with the team reaching the promotion play off final to the Second Division A. All Barça fans feel proud of the team who have battled until the end and have overcome all the obstacles they have found in their path with a brand of football that is faithful to our style. 

New FC Barcelona Compliance Officer 

The Board of Directors have approved the naming of Mireia Simona, current Compliance Analyst, as the new FC Barcelona, Foundation and BLM Compliance Officer who will report to the Compliance Commission and assume the management responsibilities of this position. 

Mireia has a Law degree from the Universitat Autònoma in Barcelona and a Masters on Intellectual and Industrial Property from the ICAB. She specialised in Compliance at Thomson Reuters and has seven years of experience in the area, three of which have been at the Club where she has worked since January 2018. 

Collaborative agreement with the Conselleria d’Interior

The Board of Directors have approved a collaborative agreement with the Conselleria d'Interior to join the security protocol in cases of sexual violence in leisure environments. The agreement, which lasts four years, establishes amongst other common points that the Club will comply with the agreements in the protocol, make sure that those persons who in their position take part in the development of leisure activities receive the obligatory training set out in the protocol and the Club will assign a person responsible to attend to people affected by sexual violence and to be responsible for complying with the protocol and its activation. 

Obertura de la Barça Academy PRO Miami

The new Barça Academy PRO Miami will open its doors on 12 August in three sites in the city, Miami Shores, Hialeah and Kendall, something that will allow access to the urban centre and the surrounding area. Recently, two weeks of the Barça Academy Summer Camps took place where future players have had their first contact with the way of playing and FC Barcelona values. During the last month trials have taken place involving around a thousand players aged between 6 and 16 from which 200 will be involved in regular training in a few weeks' time. 

It is worth remembering that the Board of Directors approved on 11 February the second Barça Academy PRO in the USA which joins the first working academy in New York on Long Island. The Barça Academy PRO are managed by the Club, both in terms of sport and finance. At the moment there are 46 Barça Academy spread around the world, more than 180 Barça Academy Camps and more than 50 Barça Academy Clinics, The Club has a presence in more than 56 countries with more than 45,000 girls and boys involved in the activities. 

Approval of departure from ASOBAL

The Board of Directors have approved FC Barcelona no longer being a member of the Association of Spanish Handball Clubs (ASOBAL) as the Club announced on 30 June. The Barça handball team will continue to take part in all the Spanish domestic competitions given that the Spanish Handball Federation (RFEBM) approved in their last General Meeting celebrated in June that it is not obligatory to be a member of the ASOBAL in order to take part in the competitions.

Força Barça
Força Barça

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