Iniesta recommends: 'An unexpected hero', 'The move of my life' and 'The shadow of the wind'

Iniesta recommends: 'An unexpected hero', 'The move of my life' and 'The shadow of the wind'

The former captain of FC Barcelona recommends watching his documentary, now available on Rakuten TV, as well as reading his biography and the acclaimed novel by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Andrés Iniesta: An unexpected hero

This is the story of a normal person who does extraordinary things. Someone who pursues and achieves triumphs through taking care of the small details because these are, after all, the ones that make him a different football player. We all know Iniesta - magician of the ball, who won two trebles with Barça and lifted the World Cup with the Spanish National Team; and of course, we remember his great sporting moments, but who is the Iniesta behind this global sporting superstar?

Through exceptional witnesses such as Leo Messi, Neymar Jr., Pep Guardiola, Sergio Ramos, Luis Enrique, and a long list of superstars, we will get to know Iniesta the companion, rival, leader, player, husband and father most loved by all. Above all, we will learn how he has achieved all this from his secret: humility.

  • Year: 2020
  • Director: Oriol Bosch
  • Cast: Andrés Iniesta, Anna Ortiz

The move of my life

This sincere book is the result of Iniesta's own need: to explain himself as a football player and, above all, as a human being. To achieve this, he uses his own voice and tells us how his childhood and adolescence were in Fuentealbilla and La Masia, how he experienced the happiest and saddest moments of his sporting career and what his daily life is like, surrounded by his family and friends. 'The move of my life' also has the testimonies of all those who have shared many of Iniesta's greatest moments; his team-mates at Barça, his childhood friends, his team-mates on the Spanish team, and his coaches. 'The move of my life' discovers the person behind the myth.


The shadow of the wind

One dawn in 1945, a boy is taken by his father to a mysterious hidden place in the heart of the old city: The Cemetery of Forgotten Books. There, Daniel Sempere finds a cursed book that changes the course of his life and drags him into a labyrinth of intrigues and secrets buried in the dark soul of the city. The Shadow of the Wind is a literary mystery set in Barcelona in the first half of the 20th century, from the last splendors of Modernism to the post-war darkness.

Combining the techniques of the story of intrigue and suspense, the historical novel and the comedy of customs, The Shadow of the Wind is above all a tragic love story that is projected through time. With great narrative strength, the author intertwines plots and enigmas like Russian dolls in an unforgettable story about the secrets of the heart and the spell of books whose intrigue remains until the last page.

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