Semedo's favourite recipe: Healthy pizza

Semedo's favourite recipe: Healthy pizza

Give yourself a treat, the secret is in the ingredients for this healthier recipe


  • 18 g yeast
  • 330 g spelt flour
  • Salt
  • 200 g tomato sauce
  • 200 g turkey
  • 150 g low fat cheese
  • Oregano
  • Arugula

Did you think that elite sportsmen and women don't treat themselves every now and then? Amongst all the recipes that Barça Innovation Hub have been bringing you, we reveal here our best kept secret because if you choose your ingredients well, as our nutritionists do, it can also be beneficial. So, you have all you need to take care of yourself and relax during lockdown. 

Weekend treat 

Even if you are not allowed outside, you can still break your work at home routine, dedicate a little time to yourself and make yourself a pizza like this one. You could even share it whilst you watch those old classic matches that you loved some much when they were originally played. 

How to follow our recipe 

The secret is in the ingredients that make it healthy aside from being a recipe for recovery, ideal for a sportsman or woman and also for you after a long week of working from home. 

  • Energy = the pizza base brings complex carbohydrates, energy that is accessed easily.
  • Improving your agility and coordination = vegetables are key: antioxidants, fibre and vitamins that enrich your healthy pizza
  • You win in strength = protein from the chicken and cheese with the necessary amino acids to maintain muscle mass.

Adapt it to your objective

Adapt it to your energy needs. Cut yourself a smaller piece if you have not done much or grab a bigger slice if you have made an effort exercising at home. The flour in the base is key, you can try it with brown flour, spelt flour, or mixing it with rice and maize for gluten free options. 

To your taste

There are as many options as taste. Choose the ingredients that take your fancy amongst your favourite vegetables: aubergine, mushrooms, asparagus,...if you want a tropical touch add pineapple and it will taste great. 

Less calories 

We give you three options to keep your waist in check whilst you help yourself to pizza. One, eat half a portion and add a salad. Two, make sure that the base is very thin, almost like a biscuit. Three, modify the base with an original variant of cauliflower or pumpkin. Be aware, don't just think about the 'bottom', because the key to lightening the recipe is not too add too much cheese. 

Keep taking care of yourself. We want to be with you now, and when you return.

For those who can't wait for our next recipe, you can discover more healthy meals on the website Eat Like a Pro:


* This article was written by Maria Antonia Lizarraga and Mireia Porta.

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