Full-body workout: Lower back + Triceps + Squats

Full-body workout: Lower back + Triceps + Squats

Barça Innovation Hub and FC Barcelona Sports Performance Area have teamed up to develop a full-body workout specially conceived for Barça Fans and adapted to all levels inspired by the routines developed for Barça players. Are you ready to try it?

Culers, following the example of Barça players, staying at home doesn't have to be an excuse to not stay active but the opposite. Even if you count with sport equipment at home or you don't, developing a training habit will help you to disconnect, improve your performance and most importantly, to feel better. It's time to #playinside #playfortheworld.

Training session with Nike Master Trainer, Joe Holder

Today's session is focused in isometric exercises aimed to strengthen those muscles that protect our back & knees. The full body workout will also include triceps and lower body exercises and will finish with metabolic exercises to test our capacity to activate the previous exercised muscles all at once. Joe Holder, Nike Master Trainer, will guide you through all the exercises in the video below. Have a good workout!

  • Block #1 (30'' rest)

2x30sec Lower back bridge / 2x30sec Superman / 3x12 Triceps extension / 3x12 Triceps dips

  •  Block #2 (30'' rest)

3x10 Bulgarian squat / 3x10 Single-leg chair squat / 3x10 Step-up + Militar press / 3x10 Lunge Knee-up jumps

  •  Block #3 (30'' rest)

3x30sec Quick feet (front & back) / 3x30sec Half burpees (no jump)

For those that can't wait for our next training routine, you can discover more workouts downloading Nike Training Club app in the link below:

Sport nutrition tips, by Gatorade Sports Science Institute

As important as the workout itself, it is key to consider your nutrition and hydration before, during and after your training sessions. These nutrition and hydration tips provided by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute will ensure you get the most out of your in-home training.


* This articles was written by Daniel Romero, Edgar Enrich, Jacob Gonzalez and Antonio Gomez Diaz.

Força Barça
Força Barça

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