FC Barcelona’s Ice Skating Rink

FC Barcelona’s Ice Skating Rink

An incredible experience next to the Camp Nou

Ice rink

Break the ice, and get skating!

    The skates should be the same size as the foot. 
    The boots should be properly laced.


    The first thing you should do is get used to wearing skates by walking while supporting yourself gently on the barrier.


    When skating, bend your knees and keep your body straight.
    The arms should be slightly open and at the height of the hips.
    Try to start gradually by letting the skates slide one after the other.


    Gloves are compulsory for everyone and under 12s must wear a helmet (although everyone is advised to wear one). 
    Don’t try to get up from a sitting position by pushing up with your hands as this is almost impossible. What you should do is get into a kneeling position, raise one knee and support the skate on the ice. Put both hands on the raised knee and use it as a support to gain enough strength to lift yourself up.


    Skating uses every muscle in the body, and gets your legs looking good, strengthens the cardiovascular system, and is a natural way of beating stress. It’s the leg and buttock muscles that get the best workout, but it’s also good for the arms and upper body. By skating, we develop both psycho-motor skills and concentration. In other words, it’s good for everything.
    The fundamental benefit is that anyone can skate for fun, as the level of effort depends entirely on the skater in accordance with their fitness and ability. You can see this at the FCB skating school, where there are people of all ages and levels, from four years old to adults.

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