After the ratification process set up by FC Barcelona for members without a season ticket who are on the waiting list for season tickets, as well as the new requests for seats, we will publish online the waiting list service so that members can see where they are on it.

Once you have entered the credentials in order to access the online transactions (membership code and PIN) you can view your position in the season ticket waiting list.

To be included on the list,you must have ratified your documentation needed at the Supporter Services Office (OAB).

You must also fulfil the following conditions.

  1. Be a baby, child or adult member of FC Barcelona
  2. Have been a member for a minimum of two years
  3. Sign up for the list in person at the Supporter Services Office.
  4. Be up to date with membership dues and not be suspended as a member.
  5. Have no other season ticket o your name

You must re-register for the list in person once a year at the OAB during the period from 15 October to 7 January. This is in order to avoid any fraud in the process. Once this period has passed, the list will be created.

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