Please remember that, as established in the Club Statutes, onerous transfer of season tickets is forbidden.

Members that which to transfer or change the name of a season ticket holder (whether complete or league in the Camp Nou) can do so by observing the following procedure as long as they satisfy the established requirements.

To change the name on a parking permit, it must be transferred to a first-degree relative who has a stadium season ticket.

For changes of name for the Palau and Miniestadi, the only requirement is for the person receiving the permit to be a club member, and the transfer is free.

The transfer or change of name of a season ticket holder of the Stadium is only permitted when the beneficiary member satisfies one of the following two requirements:

  • Ties of kindship of up to a third degree with the member. This include the following: parents to sons/daughters, grandparents to grandsons/grandaughters among married couples or in cohabitation (registered), between brothers/sisters and brothers/sisters-in-law, parents to sons/daughters-in-law, uncles and nephews and cousins.
  • Having been a member for the last 2 years running

In all cases, the following requirements must be met:

  • Beneficiary members cannot be a season ticket holder at the same venue (one season ticket per member)
  • All membership cards and season tickets are up to date on their fee payments.
  • Transfers cannot be executed if there are any matches freed and sold for future matches. In all cases, you may wait until past the date of the last match freed and sold so as to execute the procedure

To make the transaction, interested members must go in person to the Supporter Office and present the following documentation:

  • Letter of transfer signed by the membership cardholder. If the season ticket holder cannot attend the Club’s offices to execute this procedure, the signature on this form must be authenticated by a notary.
  • National ID card of all members involved.
  • Family documents and other documents that irrefutably accredit the family relationship between the members involved.
  • When making the change of name the corresponding fees must be paid:
Fees for change of name of season tickets  
Between parents and children (and vice versa)
Between grandparents and grandchildren (and vice versa)
Between married couples or registered domestic partners Free
Between brothers and  sisters and brothers and sisters in-law Free
Between parents and children in-law (and vice versa) Free
Nephews, nieces and first cousins and their partners (married couples or registered domestic partners ) Free
Unrelated people Non-refundable cost of six season tickets

 Note: This rate is applied to all changes of name, except for season tickets for the Palau Blaugrana, which are free.

We consider a registered domestic partner to be:

A partner shall be considered stable in any of the following cases:

  • If they have lived together for more than two consecutive years
  • If during their time living together, they have had one child together
  • If the relationship is formalised by public deed


One of the following:

  • Public deed in which the relationship was formalised
  • Inscription in the civil register of domestic partnerships
  • Certificate of the municipal register that accredits that they have been living together for two consecutive years
  • Family documents showing record of the child they have had together

If the season ticket holder is under 18, the letter of transfet must be signed by the legal guardians.

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