Duplicate Membership Card

If you lose your membership card, you will need to apply for a duplicate by providing the following documentation:

  • Original national ID card or other official identification document. 

In case the member wishes to delegate to some other person the duplicate request, it is compulsory to enclose an authorization signed by the member and photocopy of both IDs.

 If the loss take place during the procedures in relation with banks, a certificate from the bank must also be provided that proves and justifies that the payment has been made. In this case the duplicate is free.

 If the owner of the membership card is underage, the application form must be signed by the legal guardian, attaching the original national ID card, or other identification document.  


  • First duplicate in a calendar year €10 (€5 for members with an age card).
  • Second duplicate in the same year: 25% of the value of the card
  • Third duplicate in the same year: Intervention of the club’s disciplinary commission to open an investigation into the member requesting a third duplicate in order to verify the circumstances behind the situation.

The application can be made in person at FC Barcelona Supporter Office. For further information, visit FCB Supporter Office website.

Força Barça
Força Barça

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