Joventut Badalona 60-63 FC Barcelona: Fine reaction and into the final!
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Joventut Badalona 60-63 FC Barcelona: Fine reaction and into the final!

Blaugrana overcome a slow start to win game four and also the series (3-1), and will now battle Real Madrid for the Liga Endesa title

FC Barcelona are through to the Liga Endesa final after clinching their semi-final series with neighbours Joventut Badalona (60-63). Despite a poor start on Friday, they eventually found the right gear and ended up securing the series 3-1. They will now play for the title against Real Madrid.

Defensive intensity was the order of the day from both sides early on. Mirotic kept the blaugrana going, but former Barça man was also impressing for the home side as the first period ended with just one point in it.

But then Barça went a full six minutes without a single score, and that allowed Badalona to fly up to +12. With just six points in the second period, it was only thanks to some solid defending that they were at in contention at the break(28-19).

Second half reaction

After the restart, a 6-0 streak flung Barça right back into it. Tied on 34 each, it was suddenly anyone’s game again. Scoring more points in the third period than they had in the first two combined, Barça were leading by one going into the last ten.

La Penya gave it everything they had to keep their final hopes alive, but with Davies, Higgins and Calathes all especially into their flow, the visitors made sure that wasn’t going to happen.

So, onward to the final, and bring on Real Madrid! Som-hi!


Joventut de Badalona: Vives (4), Feliz (-), Willis (14), Parra (8), Tomic (15). Busquets (-), Paul (-), Ribas (5), Ventura (2), Bassas (7),  Birgander (5).
Barça: Calathes (12), Abrines (-), Higgins (13), Mirotic (20), Sanli (4). Davies (5), Sergi Martínez (-), Smits (-), Hayes (2), Laprovittola (7), Kuric (-).
Periods: 14-13 /28-19 / 39-40 / 60-63
Referees: Juan Carlos García GonzálezAntonio CondeJoaquín García


Força Barça
Força Barça

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