Herbalife Gran Canària 74-92 Barça: Commanding victory
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Herbalife Gran Canària 74-92 Barça: Commanding victory

The Catalans, with 16 triples, were in control from the start of the match and earned another win

Saras Jasikevicius' side began the match well, and their consistency at the basket and in the rebound was key to taking a good advantage (17-31) into the second period. 

Barça continued dominating the game and extended the lead to 27 points at (22-49), before a late rally from the hosts saw them trail by 16 at the break (37-53).

Triple success

More success from the triple meant that the visitors could ease through the second half, and by the end of the game, the 74-92 scoreline was a fair reflection of play.

Match Details:

Herbalife Gran Canària, 74
Barça, 92

Herbalife Gran Canària: Salaughter (11), Dimsa (4), Okoye (13), Costello (6) and Balcerowski (3) –starters-, Steinbergs (2), Beirán (-), Stevic (6), Kilpatrick (14), Albicy (6) and Diop (9).

Barça: Calathes (3), Higgins (11), Abrines (6), Mirotic (26) and Pau Gasol (6) –starters-, Westermann (1), Bolmaro (-), Claver (3), Hanga (13), Smits (11), Oriola (2) and Kuric (10).  

Periods: 17-31 /  37-53 / 56-74 / 74-92

Officials: Asier Setién, Stéphane Dumas and Víctor Jesús García.

Força Barça
Força Barça

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