Images with the BIM technology applied to the Camp Nou | FCB

Though it's still just a project, Espai Barça has received an Award for Innovation from TheStadiumBusiness Design & Development Awards, which recognises leadership and the findings in the design, development, construction and rehabilitation of the main sports facilities all over the world.

Espai Barça was the winner thanks to the implementation of BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology, a method that allows the integration of software, three-dimensional models and databases to develop a virtual stadium built with all its components.

The awards gala was held recently in Barcelona, ​​where William Mannarelli, director of the Patrimonial Area of ​​FC Barcelona and Ramon Jesús González, BIM Manager of Espai Barça, were in attendance.

Benefits of BIM technology: savings and sustainability

Thanks to BIM technology, Espai Barça can save up to 20% in the construction budget and more than 15% per year in management and maintenance. The virtual development of the project allows analysis and simulation of the whole construction process, ensuring that all matches can be played at the Camp Nou without disruption.

The risks of the project are also minimised and the efficiency and sustainability of the whole process is increased; from the design and construction phase, to the start-up and future management of the building.

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