The third edition of the Sports Technology Symposium was attended by NASA aerospace flight surgeon, Yvonne Cagle, who gave a talk on the capacity of the body to adapt to outer space.

“It is spectacular how the body can adapt to any environment and more specifically outer space” she says. “And it’s also wonderful how this can be used for healing and rehabilitation processes.”

Cagle also spoke about how a wearable technology, i.e. one that can be used as clothing or an accessory, can help an organism to recover. For example, “a carefully prepared wearable can reproduce exceptional conditions so that a wounded body can recover in a fast and effortless manner”.

This field of research could help reduce recovery and therapy times from days to minutes.

Cagle also commented in a post-lecture interview that “any sport makes you a candidate for space flight … if you eat well and do exercise, you could become an astronaut.”

Indeed, the doctor was visibly excited when she explained that “when you dream that you are flying, you are asleep, but when you float in space, although you are awake, you think you are dreaming.”

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