On Tuesday sporting vice president Jordi Mestre and the sports manager of the football area Josep Segura presented the new management strucure of the Football Area at FC Barcelona. The vicepresident announced in the press conference called to present the new model that Segura will have two overriding objectives: to get the best out of the Football Area and to coordinate the different sections contained within.

Pep Segura’s role will entail providing an ‘overall vision’ of the four sections that the manager of the football area will preside over: coaches, programmes, player selection and looking after young players. “I will be the supporting element in all this week,” said the new addition to the management structure.

Segura also highlighted the importance of maintaining the Club’s philosophy, the key being all the teams in the area of football playing in the same way and for that reason “we are carrying out quality control so that the work in training gets out on to the field in matches.”

“It’s what has made us great and lots of players want to be part of our model. So, for that reason we have to preserve it however we can. The model is the same, what changes is the way of interpreting it over time.

“I like it that teams understand there is a line to follow and that is what we are doing, we are in direct contact with those who are working towards that.”

Asked about the departures of players from la Masia, Pep Segura had the following to say: “We are always asked why we don’t match the financial offers that English clubs make to our players but no one ever asks them to match our model of bring players through. Historically, it has been shown that we are leaders in that field.” 

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