Josep Maria Bartomeu during his interview with 8tv | GERMAN PARGA-FCB

The president of FC Barcelona, Josep Maria Bartomeu, was interviewed on the 'Fórum de Joc' programme for 8tv, and he highlighted Lionel Messi’s commitment to the club and the good moment that the team find themselves in. "Leo's commitment to Barça is total. His father has signed the renewal and, therefore, the only thing left to do is to take the photograph."

Bartomeu also referred to the symbolic placement of the first stone of the Johan Cruyff Stadium. "It was a very emotional moment that we were able to experience with Johan Cruyff's family, and is the first step towards completing the Espai Barça project.”

Measuring Andrés Iniesta’s impact on those around him, the president said that “Andrés is special for us and for all young players. He is an example as a person and as a player. We are negotiating with his agent with the intention of giving him an indefinite contract and letting him choose how long he wants to be at the Club."

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