The New Palau Blaugrana will be located across the street from the New Camp Nou, on the site where the Miniestadi currently sits. | FCB

Right on the heels of Tuesday’s announcement by FC Barcelona that the Club has opened a pre-registration window for the New Camp Nou’s construction work tender, the Club did the same for construction work on the New Palau Blaugrana. The work on the New Palau is expected to run from 2019 to 2021.

The objective of the pre-registration period is to define a short list of capable and solvent business consortiums to bid on the work.

FC Barcelona will select only those companies that, through a track record of commitment and experience, can offer the best deal for the club.

In order to bid on the stadium’s renovation work, interested firms must join together in Temporary Business Associations that meet the following requirements:

To be considered for the New Palau tender, companies:

  • Must have built at least one arena in the last 10 years with a capacity of 8,000 or more spectators. Multiple references will be more strongly considered.
  • Must have at built at least two buildings in Spain, with a minimum of €50m in total construction material costs in the last 10 years.
  • Must have done at least €500m in annual work during each of the last three years.

Companies that are interested and that meet the above requirements may send an email to: concursosEB@fcbarcelona.cat, expressing their intention to bid and including attachments certifying they meet the above requirements.

Barça opens pre-registration for New Camp Nou construction work tender

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