FC Barcelona’s fourth vice-president Manel Arroyo spoke to Barça TV about the club’s agreement with Qatar Airways to extend the deal between the two parties for another year.

“Barça deserves a sponsorship deal of which we would all be clear of its aims and we were advised it was best to extend the same contract to continue working in the same way we had done up until now, professionally and rigorously. There will be who will not understand it, but we have decided that the best for the club at the moment is to think long term."

Further explaining the decision to renew with Qatar Airways, Arroyo said: “A contract with these characteristics is not just about money, but also the association with a company that helps you extend the message and the image of Barça, and with Qatar we have managed that”.

He continued: “We must be ambitious, just as our first team is, and we must combine that with the success of expanding our message, with that same admiration that we have across the globe, associating ourselves with a brand that we understand”.

Arroyo, in charge of Marketing and Communications within the club, says “Qatar has been an excellent ally” and “the money from Qatar has been vital for our growth and consolidating our economy”. Furthermore, he expressed that Qatar has “maximum interest in continuing with Barça, but as they well know, we have the obligation to be in the market listening to other offers.”
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