Jordi Cruyff was at FC Barcelona on Monday to speak at the launch of his late father’s book Johan Cruyff 14. The autobiography, penned by Dutch writer Jaap de Groot and which tells the fascinating life story of the legendary Barça player and manager, including several stories that even his son admits he had never heard before.

Barça TV caught up with Cruyff junior, a former Barça player himself, to learn that “Johan dictated to perfection all the messages that he wanted to get across in the book. My father always said that you needed to be considered crazy in order to be called a genius later on. He always went against the grain, but he was a genius in what he did.”

“To be a genius, your madness has to be turned into positive, good things. He did that and that’s why he won.”

Jordi also commented that “for my father, little details were the most important thing in life. He was a romantic and an idealist.”

Click on the video above to find out what else Jordi Cruyff had to say in our exclusive interview.

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