FC Barcelona and Google Maps have joined forces to bring the inside of the club’s facilities to internet users worldwide. From Monday 23 January, users can browse through the cub’s various venues through Google Maps and StreetView.

The service has been updated with panoramic images outside the Camp Nou, and has incorporated certain new areas, such as Access gate 14, the Customer Services Office (OAB) and the shopping boulevard that leads to the museum.

This new recording is an update on the contents released in 2011, when Google operators first captured panoramic photos of the ground.

The new images can be viewed in virtual reality format with the use of a smartphone and Google Cardboard virtual reality headsets.

New areas, more content

Now, for the first time, the Google camera has explored every corner of theMiniestadi, the Ciutat Esportiva training complex, La Masia, the outside of the buildings and the popular ice skating rink. In a second phase, there will be a recording inside the Camp Nou’s interior spaces and VIP areas, as well as updated images of the touchline.

This comes as part of an iniciative by Google and the government of Catalonia to digitally document the region’s top touristic attractions, one of which is the FC Barcelona stadium and facilities.
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