The official FC Barcelona app will have a new messaging platform thanks to TOK.tv, which has announced the launch of version 2.0 of its social button, which will allow fans to talk not only during games but also to continue sending messages to each other after the match has finished.

In addition, this new platform allows Barça fans to create chat groups and send text messages, photos and voice recordings to their friends. TOK.tv gives a voice to sport lovers and allows fans to talk with their friends, transmitting the sound of the atmosphere of the stadium, as well as sharing selfies.

"We are delighted to give our fans the opportunity to talk more about the team. Together with other social characteristics, the messaging service TOK.tv increases engagement in our official application, strengthening all digital assets available to Barça fans,” said Francesco Calvo, FC Barcelona’s director of revenue.

"Messaging is the future. We want the fans to be able to continue the conversation beyond the games and the teams to ensure that their applications are used daily. The 2.0 social button is a great step forward for TOK.tv to spark converation around live events,” said Fabrizio Capobianco, CEO of TOK.tv

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