Románn Gómez Ponti and Josep Vives speaking to the press | PACO LARGO - FCB

FC Barcelona spokesman Josep Vives and the director of its Legal Services Román Gómez Ponti gave a press conference on Friday to assess certain legal matters of concern to the club. Vives started by explaining that the judge at the National Court has definitively closed the Neymar DIS case, describing it as “a chapter that has caused a lot of headaches … but everything is now over. This decision, along with the agreement in accordance passed by the Board of Directors, brings the Neymar case to a definitive end.”

“We knew that following the agreement that this could have a positive effect on the Neymar 2 affair, and that was indeed the case” he continued. “The club  needs to clear up all these legal matters so that the fans and members can concentrate on sport”.

Full support for Leo Messi

Both gentlemen also reiterated the club’s support for Leo Messi and his family after the sentence announced this week. “We understand that Messi is not guilty in any way and has no penal responsibilities. We shall be at his side no matter what it takes” said Vives. “Messi has announced that he’ll be appealing and the club will be absolutely and unconditionally at his side when he does that. We see this as an attack on his person.”

On another matter, Vives and Gómez Ponti analysed the closure of the Método3 case. “Misters Oliver and Martorell admitted their responsibility and returned every last euro to the club funds. That is good news because we have recovered what is ours and have avoided having to enter legal proceedings,”

They also discussed the Can Rigalt affair, which was explained earlier on in the week. Vives stressed that “the club has done everything possible to comply with the urban plan, but does not have the possibility to do so.”

And on a final issue, Gómez Ponti responded positively to the rejected court hearing with regard to the private accusation filed by former president Joan Laporta in appeal against the agreement in accordance with the state and legal service with regard to the Neymar 1 case.

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