Les butlletes quedaran custodiades a l'Auditori 1899 fins a l'inici del procés de validació / VÍCTOR SALGADO - FCB

The pre-candidates for the FC Barcelona elections to be held on 18 July have presented on Saturday their letters of support which will allow them to be proclaimed official contenders for the position of President of the Club. This Saturday was the last day of phase VI of the electoral process in which the prospective candidates could present their credentials to stand.

- Mr. Jordi Majó i Ruaix, member number 17,660, has presented 1,020 signatures.
- Mr. Josep Maria Bartomeu i Floreta, member number 16,331, has presented 9,124 signatures.
- Mr. Joan Laporta i Estruch, member number 16,559, has presented 4.802 signatures.
- Mr. Agustí Benedito i Benet, member number 29,990, has presented 3,815 signatures.
- Mr.Antoni Freixa i Martín,member number 62,778, has presented 3,289 signatures.
- Mr. Joan Batiste i Cuberta, member number 24,564, has presented 2,734 signatures.
- Mr. Ferran Estrada i Porta, member number 19,936, has presented 11 signatures.

To become an official candidate it is necessary to obtain 2,534 letters of support. Therefore, the validation process will begin on 6 July at 9.00am CET. All letters will be valid if they fulfill the conditions included in the Club Statutes and those established by the Electoral Board.

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