The entrance to the voting area will adapted to people with special needs / FCB

On Saturday, the Specialised Attention Office (OAE) at the club will be making an effort to ensure that all members will be able to attend this special day. Just like on the day of the Referendum on the new Espai Barça, there will be a special area fitted out for access by people with reduced mobility, the disabled and the elderly. There will be wheelchair ramps into the voting booths and people with the aforesaid difficulties will be given priority treatment so that don’t have to wait in queues.

We’ll take you there

The ‘T’acompanyem’ will also be active all day from 9.00am to 9.00pm with a special helpdesk located at the entrance to the voting area and coordinated by the OAE. 24 Red Cross volunteers will be there to help people with reduced mobility or disabilities to get where they need to be.

People with reduced mobility arriving in their own vehicles should contact the OAE on 902 1899 00 or at oae@fcbarcelona.cat to sort out any potential problems with mobility or parking.

Live sign language and subtitles

The press conference reporting on the outcome of the elections will be offered with simultaneous sign language translation and subtitles for the hard of hearing.

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