The esplanade of the Auditori 1899 will be set up for voting. / VÍCTOR SALGADO - FCB

Thursday marked the official beginning of the campaign for FC Barcelona presidential elections, which are to be held on Saturday 18 July from 9.00am to 9.00pm CET at Camp Nou. A total of 109,367 members are entitled to vote, according to the electoral census approved by the Electoral Commission, and will need to show the DNI in order to vote.

Additionally, the club has begun an informational campaign to encourage participation among members, including a mailing to all members with voting rights. In the coming days they will receive a letter from the president of the Management Committee, Ramon Adell, plus a card indicating the line and table where they need to vote in the tents that will be installed on the esplanade of the Auditorium 1899. In the letter, members will also find a booklet outlining family activities that will held all day long on Election Day at Camp Nou. A membership card will be required to access the activity area and free parking at the stadium.

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