The famous Indonesian family takes in the Camp Nou Experience / FCB

"Wow!" That was the reaction from the Halilintar family when they walked into the presidential lounge at the Camp Nou. Jordi Penas, director of the FCB Museum was there to welcome them. After an exchange of gifts, the family, who always travel together and work hand in hand as a team, took the tour of the Camp Nou. As they enjoyed a closer look closer at the 'home' of the Barça players, they were even able to pose for photos with the Champions League trophy, part of the famous treble won in 2015.

Lenggogeni Faruk and Halilintar Asmid and their eleven children, better known as the ‘Generation Halilintar’ are a phenomenon in their native Indonesia with their musical and many other talents. They are in Barcelona for two days, and besides visiting such iconic landmarks as the Sagrada Familia and other Gaudi buildings, they also visited the Camp Nou, home of their favourite football team.

“The values in our family are similar to those of FC Barcelona, such as teamwork, respect, always trying and not giving up” says Halilintar Asmid, the family’s father or 'coach', known as ‘abi’ to his children. “It’s just like 'tiki taka', and involves the same alignment and understanding.”

“That's why we are 'more than a family!” adds their mother, Lenggogeni, or ‘umi’.

Fans of Messi

They are being accompanied on their trip by their good friend Jesus Conte, along with his wife Carmen and daughter Claudia. ‘My family, my team’ is the perfect phrase to describe this unusual family, in which each member has their respective duties and where everyone works together to achieve the same goal. And the children clearly idolize their parents. "Abi is like Leo Messi” says Tariq Lightning, who is a huge fan of the Argentinian. “He doesn’t give up easily. If he falls then he gets up again."

But his older brother, the 'captain', idolizes one of Barça’s legends, Ronaldinho. "He was the player who made me fall in love with football” he explains. “I was still at junior high school when I saw him playing for FC Barcelona. And I’ve been a Barça fan ever since.”

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