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The values that form the backbone of the education philosophy at FC Barcelona have produced an act of selfless charity that fits in perfectly with the festive season. The residents at la Masia and the sportspersons from the youth teams at FC Barcelona have created, under their own steam, the #ValorsMasia (Masia Values) project, a social initiative that highlights their awareness of those in less fortunate circumstances.

FC Barcelona would like to add their support to this project and congratulate those involved for their contribution which once again shows la Masia not just to be a residency for elite sportspeople but also one in which development as people goes hand in hand with on the field activities. For that reason the Club has chosen the video linked to the project as the official Christmas carol for this year.

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#ValorsMasia has come about thanks to a collaboration between la Masia and the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu de Barcelona. During the last few months, many children from the day hospital’s oncology ward have visited the facilities at la Masia to get an idea of how the young sportspeople in the residency live. In return, the youngsters from the youth teams have visited the children at the hospital to raise their spirits and that of their families.

Out of this collaboration came the idea of a project that could help raise money to fight cancer in children. That is where #ValorsMasia comes in and its Christmas carol, the famous Catalan song ‘Fum, fum, fum’ which has been performed by the residents under the direction of the singer Mone Teruel and her arranger, Albert Pladellorens, who is also her son.

The videoclip above was recorded at the Ciutat Esportiva and everyone who wants to donate to the cause can do so via the website www.implica-t.org, until 30 June. The objective is to reach the symbolic figure of €142,816, the same number as the total of Barça members.

This project has been possible thanks to the collaboration of volunteer teams from Sant Joan de Deéu, the Pallapupas organisation and the Star Wars Catalunya group.

#ValorsMasia – Bon Nadal by fcbarcelona
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