FC Barcelona v Panathinaikos

Euroleague (Group C, Round 5) Friday November 14 at 9.00 PM CET

FC Barcelona are 4.0 as they approach the halfway stage in Euroleague Group C. But game five promises to be the toughest test yet as they face second placed Panathinaikos (3-1), who have won the title five times this century and are coached by Duško Ivanović, who was in charge of Barça from 2005 to 2008.

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FC Barcelona 38-15 MMT Seguros Zamora

ASOBAL League (Round 10) Tuesday November 11

FC Barcelona (20+18): Saric (Pérez de Vargas, m.31 to 60); Víctor Tomás (3,2p), Gurbindo (6), Noddesbo (4), Karabatic (1), Jallouz (6), Ariño (1) -starting seven- Sigurdsson (3), Sorhaindo (4), Sarmiento (2), Miralles (2), Rutenka (5,2p), Raúl Entrerríos (1) & Rey (-).

MMT Seguros Zamora (11+14): Miranda (Posado, m.31 to 60); Juárez (1), Fernando Ruiz (-), Salinas (6), Iñaki Gómez (2), Reyes (5), Camino (5,1p) -starting seven- Guillermo García (3), Andrés Alonso (-), Cano (2) & Carlos Prieto (1).

FC Barcelona had little trouble overcoming top flight debutants Zamora at the Palau Blaugrana. Things started tight, but once a 5-1 streak had put FCB 11-6 up, there was no looking back. A half-time lead of 20-11 left matters as good as decided. The win leaves Barça top of the table as attention now turns to a big Champions League test at the weekend away to Flensburg.


Jaén Paraíso Interior 1-3 FC Barcelona

Division de Honor (Round 11) Tuesday November 11

Jaén Paraíso Interior: Prieto, Carlinhos, José López, Cuco, Chino –starting five-, Fabián, Dani Martín, Eloy Rojas, Emilio Buendía, Campoy.

FC Barcelona: Paco Sedano, Gabriel, Lozano, Batería, Wilde –starting five-, Aicardo, Dyego, Lin, Saad, Rafa Usín, Ferrao.

Goals: 0-1 Batería, min 16; 0-2 Ferrao, min 17; 1-2 Emilio Buendía, min 34; 1-3 Wilde, min 38.

This season’s surprise package, Jaén Paraíso Interior, in third place afater only leaking four goals at home this season, were dealt a tough blow by an emphatic FC Barcelona, who took the lead through first half goals from Batería and Ferrao in the space of just 20 seconds. The home side pulled one back after the break, but Wilde then sentenced affairs to leave Barça with an impressive 8-1-1 record.

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