Josep Maria Bartomeu at the presentation of the first year of work on the Espai Barça / VÍCTOR SALGADO - FCB

The president of FC Barcelona, Josep Maria Bartomeu, and the vice-president of its Patrimonial Department, Jordi Moix, presented on Tuesday the conclusions of the first year of work on the Espai Barça. In the Auditori 1899, Bartomeu spoke of the last 13 months of labour by “a team of professionals that have worked to lay the technical grounds,” adding that the work has met all of the deadlines as approved by the members in the referendum just over a year ago.

Bartomeu made it clear that the project is not just about a change in the physical appearance of the stadium, but is also a change in its history, just like the moves from the stadium in C/Indústria to Les Corts and after that to the Camp Nou. The president also described how the Espai Barça will boost the economy of the whole city of Barcelona, as explained last week at the Cercle d’Economia.

Jordi Moix offered further details of the project and announced that work done in the last few months shall be summarised in a document that will be provided to the architectonic proposals that are bidding in the tender that begins in July “in order for them to work in awareness of the reality of the site and its community and surroundings”. He added that “I am totally convinced that we shall achieve all of this within the established budget” and that the club is in constant contact with the residents of Les Corts district to keep them informed of the impact of the project.

After he and the president unveiled the scale model of the Miniestadi, Moix also presented the first images of the facility. The Batlle i Roig Arquitectes studio has won the tender for the construction of the Miniestadi, which will be built on land recently acquired nest to the Ciutat Esportiva.

Finally, Jordi Moix pointed out that the Espai Barça is project for both the club and for the city of Barcelona, and will in no way be affected by the results of last week’s municipal elections.

The full details of the presentation of the first year of work on the Espai Barça:


Skyline Espai Barça by fcbarcelona

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