The St Jordi celebrations have become an annual tradition at the Camp Nou / MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

St George’s Day, or Sant Jordi in Catalan, is approaching and the Camp Nou is preparing to celebrate the occasion with fans and members. In accordance with local tradition, women give their loved ones a book on this day, while men return the gesture by giving their partners a rose. On the day of the Valencia game, a few days before the day of the patron saint of Catalonia on Thursday 23 April, the club will be distributing books and roses to people coming to the stadium. The 4.00pm CET kick-off team should mean that there will be a very family atmosphere at the match.

After the final whistle, fans and members should make their way to the Auditorium 1899, where a number of stands will be giving away roses and official FCB books until stocks run out. The 'Big Dictionary of Barça Players', which is being presented this Thursday at 1.00pm CET in the Auditorium 1899 and the 'History of Barça' by historian Jaume Sobrequés will both be on offer.

There will also be three points where former FC Barcelona players will be signing copies, and although the Auditorium will be the main focus of the event, other stands around the ground will also be giving out books and roses.

Parking restrictions

The Sant Jordi activities will affect all members that park in Zone C of the stadium, who will not be able to use their usual spaces. The club will be contacting all of these members to inform them that an alternative site has been arranged in the Barcelona Science Park. These members will be able to park their vehicles for free by showing their FC Barcelona parking cards.

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